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Posted 3 months ago

Secure Privacy is looking for a strong web developer to join our front-end team. We seek to develop an all-star team, and you’d be working with a remote team of really great developers.

As a front-end developer, you’re at the absolute edge of what there is to know about Angular and HTML/CSS/JavaScript. You are expected to write clean, maintainable code and advocate for best practices and exceptional quality. You have startup-up experience and are familiar with Git, leading cloud technologies and methodologies.

We’re a leading provider of cookie consent management, which allows visitors to block cookies and trackers to document consent automatically. We’re a startup with people across Europe, US and Asia seeking to expand. This is an exciting opening for a remote position with much freedom and opportunities ahead!

What we look for in our next employee:

  • Strong desire to create an optimal UX journey

  • Strong interest in UI and design

  • You have 5+ years of front-development experience

  • You have experience developing/building web apps for high availability and scalability

  • Delivering reusable components, code and front-end libraries for future use

  • You have superb skills in Angular, HTML, CSS (SCSS), JavaScript, JQuery

  • Ability to debug cross-browser/cross-domain issues

  • You have experience with unit testing (Jest), and E2E testing (Cucumber) or similar

  • Excellent English skills in writing

  • Experience working with third-party services, APIs, and content management systems

  • You are passionate about the tools you use, contribute to them, or create new ones

  • You can work remotely and from European business hours.

  • You have a high level of discipline and can manage your own time.

  • You are a hard worker and don’t stop until each project is bug-less

  • You’re a good communicator. Working remotely requires good communication skills.

  • You are nice. We are ;-)

Bonus Skills:

  • Strong contributor to the open source environment

  • You have code on GitHub you’re proud of

  • Plugin development (Wordpress, Shopify etc.)

  • You have experience with Microsoft Azure or similar

  • Experience with project management and agile style methods (scrum, kanban)

  • Experienced in NodeJS

  • DevOps experience

  • Experience with GDPR, CCPA or other data privacy regulations