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Posted over 1 year ago

As a member of our front-end engineering team, you'll have the opportunity to enhance our user’s experience by proposing and implementing improvements and new features in a variety of apps.We are looking for highly communicative, auto managed, hard-working guys with great tech skills. You are expected to learn from and contribute to team knowledge. As part of a successful growing startup, you will be involved in the whole product development flow, and your voice will be heard!Requirements5+ years of experience in software development 3+ years of experience in web development 1+ years of experience with ReactJS 1+ years of experience with modern web development environment (ES6, functional programming, promises, graphQL, etc) Passion for end-user web applications design. Focus on testing. Be highly communicative, auto managed and hard working.We value although (it's not mandatory), knowledge and/or experience in :* Side effect libs like redux-saga or redux-observable* Experience with Node.js, Amazon Web Service, Docker Agile methodology, Security assessments* Unit testing, integration testing, test driven development;* Experience working remotely.See more jobs at Xapo