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Posted 3 months ago

**About Processful**\n\nWe are a small group of serial entrepreneurs and talented individuals building a no-code process management platform for modern teams. Having built large organizations from zero to multiple thousand employees before, we have witnessed the importance of well-defined and -orchestrated business processes first-hand. Yet, the tools available today just don't get you there. \nWe are building Processful to fill this void. Our vision is to enable any business to reach their highest level of operational excellence by providing an intuitive and fun-to-use software solution to document, execute, integrate and analyze all recurring processes.\n\nFormally based in Berlin, but working remotely from anywhere in Europe, we are looking for an experienced frontend engineer to join us and reshape the way teams collaborate. We offer a modern tech stack with interesting product challenges, startup atmosphere with fast decision-making, lots of autonomy and no bureaucracy.\n\n**Who we are looking for**\n* First and foremost: A friendly, humble and ambitious character fitting into our culture\n* Having worked in a senior frontend engineering position before\n* Strong experience with JavaScript, HTML, CSS\n* Strong experience with React incl. hooks\n* Strong experience with Redux and its ecosystem (react-redux, redux-thunk, reselect, re-reselect, rereselect and whatever else they will come up with)\n* Experience of building single-page applications and optimizing performance and memory\n* Fluent written and spoken English\n* Experience with building real-time collaborative applications, operational transformation or CRDTs as a strong plus\n* Experience with websockets and data-sync across clients as a strong plus\n* Experience with building rich-text editors or complex editable data tables as a plus \n\n#Salary\n$48,000 — $84,000\n\n\n#Location\n🌏 Worldwide

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