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Posted 9 months ago

Hi, We're Pronto!

Pronto is a tech company that connects and empowers students and teachers by integrating a modern, familiar, mobile-first communication tool into learning management systems. We make a native real-time messaging and video-conferencing app that seamlessly integrates into platforms like Canvas by Instructure and Blackboard to enhance both online and face-to-face classes. We're growing rapidly and are looking for creative, self-motivated people that are excited to help lead us to the next level and make a real difference in how people learn and connect.

The Job

Come help us make the Pronto web client, a realtime messaging and communication app, a delightful experience for our customers. Pronto is used every day by students, retail workers, hotel management and many others (including ourselves) for daily communication and we strive for absolute excellence in the end-user web experience. If you love wrestling complex web technologies to the ground and making them intuitive and easy to use, we want to talk to you.

Your Role

Improve the Pronto web client to create an experience that’s as good as, or better than, a native iOS or Android app. You’ll work with technologies such as WebRTC and WebSockets to craft a beautiful realtime experience. You will obsess over the details of the front-end experience, improving layout, transitions, and animations to make customers delight in their interaction with an app they rely on for communication throughout their day. You’ll work closely with a small team of experienced engineers that will value your front-end expertise and look to you for leadership and new ideas.

Your Day-to-Day

  • You’ll own the main front-end experience and guide the team to knowing what’s possible and feasible to improve the overall web client.
  • You’ll collaborate with the core engineering team to brainstorm new features and prioritize maintenance work.
  • You’ll use Javascript, CSS, HTML, and other technologies to add features and polish to the Pronto web client and other web tools, such as our team management admin interface.
  • You’ll recommend, and drive the adoption of, frameworks and technologies that will improve the web client experience.
  • You’ll triage issues and work with our support team and customers as needed to identify and fix bugs.
  • You’ll help guide the UX integration of Pronto into third-party systems of record.

Ideal Qualifications

  • 2+ years of client-side Javascript experience in a production environment.
  • A passion for great UX and design
  • Lots of experience with complex CSS / HTML layouts.
  • Experience with—and a love of—subtle cues and animation to improve the fluidity of the web experience.
  • Strong cross-browser development experience on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Our Stack

Experience with these is certainly helpful, but we don’t expect everyone who applies to know all of them. We don’t hire based on knowledge of a particular language or framework, but on engineering experience, ability to research and learn, and how you’ve learned to approach problems. Good engineers are always learning new frameworks and technologies anyway.

Cloud: AWS
Database: MySQL, ClustrixDB, Redis, Amazon RDS
Server: PHP, Laravel
Web: Vue.js, WebRTC, WebSockets
SCM: git (via GitHub)