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Posted about 2 months ago

**About Strydal**\nWe're building a technology platform which enables every fitness & well-being professional in the world to run a digital business - it's the Shopify for fitness.\n\n**About this position**\nAs we start scaling our product, we're looking to extend our 7-people strong distributed team with a talented Frontend Web Developer interested in building the future of home training. You’ll be working in a completely distributed team of 4 developers and 1 designer and, as an early joiner, you'll have profound impact on the product and tech architecture. A strong willingness to work independently, take ownership and contribute to decision making is crucial.\n\n\n**What you'll need to succeed**\n* 5+ years of experience as a Frontend Web Developer\n* Profound knowledge of React and web technologies in general\n* Strong interest and skills for building complex web UI's\n* Ability to work independently in an ambitious, fast-paced team\n* **Big bonus:** Experience working with live video applications (WebRTC and/or RTMP)\n\n\n**Your responsibilities**\n* Create and deliver core features of our product on a weekly basis\n* Work close with founding team and designer to create user interfaces that delight our users\n* Build complex UI's including live-video, real-time remote interaction and animations\n* Contribute to defining our working methods and processes as the team grows\n* (optional) Develop your leadership and people management skills\n\n\n**Our tech stack**\n* Our web frontend is built with React\n* Our backend services are written primarily in Ruby (Rails)\n* Our infrastructure lives on AWS and Heroku\n* Real-time video built on top of WebRTC & WebSockets \n\n#Salary\n$60,000\n\n\n#Location\n- 🇪🇺 EU-only