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Posted about 1 month ago

Who the heck are we?

We're a simple Credit Repair company--we help people fix their credit so they can buy homes.

Our business consists of a small team of 20 people that are all remote (Canada, NZ, US, UAE, and Philippines).

As of this month we're on a 2mm runrate after incorporating in November. So, we're growing fast and dealing with the struggles that come with a lack of processes. This is the fun part! (For some of us.)

Just to name a few benefits:
  • fully remote
  • significant, immediate rev share
  • future equity on next businesses
  • no timezone requirements
  • make your own hours

What do we need?

If you're senior-level in Ruby/Rails, ambitious, and a quick learner, you'll do great helping us scale our backend to support our clients, affiliates, marketing, and biz dev.