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Posted over 1 year ago

We are looking for a scrappy, experienced engineer who has full command over their tools of choice, to flesh out our engineering stack and help build out the engineering team. We have productized all aspects of our business - consumer facing digital product, recommendation algorithms, inventory control and warehouse operations. Most of this stack is built in-house, on top of reliable existing open source software, since there was no tooling already available to solve these problems. We've also realized a lot of the problems we are currently solving are hard CS at scale.We run on a week by week company-wide iterative cadence and ship every working day.Our current stack is React and Rails for the consumer front-end, with a heavy automated test suite. On the backend for operations and hard CS problems, we go for whatever works best. You will be working with our small full-time team (2x founders, 1 eng, 1 PM and 1 ops) along with our numerous hub associates and drivers. You will be building out Farmstead's engineering team as we expand into other platforms and specialize further. We are VC-backed, YC-backed company that is growing explosively. Every person we add to the team right now has a material impact on the direction of the company, and we hand over huge chunks of responsibility to smart people who get things done. ResponsibilitiesBuild scalable backend infrastructure across the various systemsFollowing mocks, create responsive frontend interfacesWork closely with the product and design teamsHelp shape the engineering culture and guidelines as the company growsExperience3+ years building web platforms, preferably in Ruby on RailsExperience with HTML, CSS, Javascript, bonus if you know React/ReduxExperience with designing APIsYou’ve proven you can ship new features quickly and at high design standardsSome things you might be working onSomeone just added 2% milk, a sweet batard and carrots - what should we show them next on our app based on historical patterns of buying?How many pallets of strawberries should we buy this week, given both pre-sold and projected demand? These strawberries have an expiration date...How can we make our driver app smartly re-route if there's traffic on the freeway?We have ten people picking and packing today. How can we make sure all orders for the day are packed by 4PM?We are turning on a new hub in a new market we have never operated in before. What do we have to build to support this?