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Posted 3 months ago

We’re LegalNature, and we automate legal documents and processes. Our mission is to make the legal system easier to understand, less time consuming, and far cheaper for individuals and businesses.

We have thousands of customers that love our product for it’s ease of use. We’re looking for brilliant engineers that can help us deliver the next generation features our users want, without destroying the simplicity that they love.

We’re a 100% remote company and have been for several years. We’re looking for those that are self-motivated and independent. We prefer highly skilled individuals that thrive when given the autonomy to do their best work.

What you’ll be working on:

  • Building brand new products and features from start to finish, for both our end users and our internal team.
  • Propose & implement architectural improvements - we’ve only recently completed our migration to Nuxt, and there is a lot of low hanging fruit out there.
  • Improve our testing & build pipeline. We strongly believe in investment in tools for engineering and the team as a whole. Anything that can make us more efficient gives us more time to dedicate to new features down the road.
  • A special focus on pagespeed. We’d like to be one of the fastest Nuxt apps out there. Can you show us the way?

Our Stack:

  • Frontend: Nuxt, Vuex ORM
  • Design/Prototyping: Figma
  • Backend: Rails, Elasticsearch, Redshift
  • Build/Depoy: Buildkite, AWS
  • Communication: Slack, Linear, GitHub 

About You:

  • You have at least 3 years JavaScript experience, ideally with a focus on Vue/Nuxt.
  • You have at least 3 years experience with Rails.
  • You're a self starter and have no problem working on a fully remote team and managing your time.
  • You get along with others and thrive in a collaborative, fast paced environment.