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Posted 10 months ago

We are looking for a senior level Graphics/JavaScript engineers who will help take our cloud-based solar design software, which is used by thousands of solar companies worldwide, to the next level of functionality and interactivity. We are a fast-growing, VC-backed startup and every engineer contributes to key feature rollouts and bringing cutting-edge technology to the solar industry. If you are interested in solving challenging problems that truly matter, we would love to hear from you!

About the Job

  • Build new functionality for our industry-leading solar design platform
  • Spearhead the development of new greenfield products
  • Write high quality, well tested code
  • Highly competitive salary

  • 4+ years of experience building maintainable, clean, and well-tested user-facing code
  • Love writing Javascript or TypeScript
  • Strong graphics experience, ideally in JavaScript/WebGL.
  • Great engineering skills and strong CS fundamentals.
  • Experience with GraphQL a plus
  • Excellent collaborative and communication skills.
  • A thoughtful balance between loving to ship code fast and keeping up best practices for our repos
  • Fluent in written and spoken English
  • At least 50% overlap with Pacific Coast working hours

How To Apply

Please email an updated resume or linkedin and answers to the following questions to Submissions without  answers to the questions will be ignored.
  • Describe the most technical, graphics-related project you are proud of implementing. What was challenging about it? Provide links if possible.
  • What are some common performance pitfalls (on both GPU and CPU side) you learned to avoid over time? What are some ways to achieve high rendering performance (shaders, API calls, any other parts of the 3D graphics-related app)
  • What are some of the upcoming or recent advances in browser based graphics engineering that you are most excited about?
  • What are some of your opinions on JavaScript testing? If you were brought in as a consultant for a company that had no tests, how would you sell them on JavaScript testing and what is some advice you’d offer the engineers writing the tests?
  • If you could add one feature or a set of features to an upcoming JavaScript specification, what would it be and why?