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Posted about 1 month ago

Hornet is the fastest growing gay social network in the world. We are a mobile location-based discovery app with social features unseen in the competition. We connect 25 Million users worldwide and are growing rapidly…

We are looking for an experienced iOS developer to join/expand our core team. Ideally you already have a familiarity with Hornet and the market in general and looking for the chance to make meaningful changes that pushes the space forward.

What you’ll do:
  • iOS app development
  • Own a feature, be responsible for delivery and release
  • Be occasionally involved with the app design process to provide platform-specific insight and expertise
  • Travel a bit, quarterly product/engineering meetups
What you'll need to have:
  • Comfort with working in a remote team
  • A track of record of designing and executing complex iOS app
  • Strong coding skills in Swift and Objective C
  • Experience with CI an unit testing
  • Experience designing and managing architecture of complex iOS apps
  • Responsibility for your work and being able to deliver in production-ready quality
  • Deep knowledge of Human Interface Guidelines, UIKit and its patterns
Our Tech Stack:
  • We do have CI setup using BuddyBuild
  • We do write unit tests
  • We have SwiftLint integrated to help you write safer code
  • We do code reviews using Github pull requests
  • We’re fans of MVVM architecture
  • We’re working hard towards a Swift only codebase, almost there

Note: Long term contract, remote position + engineering hubs in Cape Town, South Africa and Prague, Czech republic