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Posted about 1 year ago

Senior iOS Developer

Black Pixel was recently acquired by Hypergiant. At Hypergiant, our work is driven by individuals pushing the boundary and always professionally challenging our clients to think differently. We’re seeking individuals who are both analytical and creative and can help us fuel our motto: Tomorrowing Today. We’re based in Texas, and have a strong track record of working with some of the biggest brands around the world in industries spanning retail, oil & gas, aviation, healthcare, and more. We provide large enterprises with cutting-edge advice, bespoke technology solutions, and deployment expertise needed to harness the value out of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Our goal is to work with forward-thinking organizations and to help them understand how Artificial Intelligence will affect their business and their industry.


We’re looking for a talented, passionate, and resourceful iOS engineer who wants to be a part of a growing digital products group and build amazing apps using the latest iOS tools, APIs, and technologies.


  • Build iOS applications from scratch & iOS libraries that can be shared across applications
  • Update existing iOS applications
  • Develop great code, ensuring quality with unit tests where appropriate
  • Conduct code reviews to ensure compliance with quality standards
  • Work in an Agile development process
  • Collaborate with designers, quality assurance testers, project managers, product managers, and project sponsors
  • Communicate tasking estimation and progress regularly to a project manager and/or through appropriate tools


  • Minimum of 3 years of professional iOS software development
  • Minimum of 6 years of professional software development (B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science may be considered towards professional experience)
  • Demonstrated delivery of iOS applications to the app store
  • Proficient with Swift and Cocoa Touch with a solid understanding of Objective-C
  • Strong understanding of common backend system integration/web services, memory management, both with and without ARC, and multitasking techniques with potential areas of risk
  • Experience with multiple Apple-provided frameworks, such as Core Data, Core Animation, Core Graphics, Core Text, Core Audio, and SpriteKit. Including, adaptable layouts and extensive use of Autolayout in both code and Interface Builder
  • Experience with Git, including understanding of branching and merging workflows
  • Design-minded attention to user interface implementation

Hypergiant is an Equal Opportunity Employer.