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Posted over 1 year ago

We are looking for a highly skilled developer that has experience in building complex mobile apps on the iOS platform. Candidates should have experience using all relevant technologies listed below and with working in a fast-paced B2B environment. 


* 5+ years of experience in software design & development

* 3+ years of experience developing apps for iOS

* Experience developing in Swift

* Experience with distributing mobile applications via public app stores and/or enterprise channels

* Excellent knowledge of working with dynamic data using services (e.g., JSON, XML, REST APIs etc)

* Experience performance profiling and tuning consumer-facing mobile applications

* Excellent hands-on skills with iOS application development tools, including Objective-C, Cocoa Touch Frameworks and Xcode

* Get-it-done self-starter attitude

* Experience in dealing with data synchronization and offline storage

* Good communicator and team player with strong organizational skills

* Experience with authenticated sessions using OAuth and authentication tokens

* Experience developing highly successful apps that enjoy wide scale distribution

* Experience building native apps and hybrid apps

* Experience with agile methodology