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Posted over 1 year ago

Who are we?We're an InsureTech startup founded in May 2017 and have developed a suite of working & tested applications focused on automating and processing claims.Have you ever had to claim on your car insurance policy, or perhaps travel insurance? How long did it take? How many bureaucratic hurdles did you need to tackle? How much did you have to pay out-of-pocket? Our suite of apps helps to mitigate all of these scenarios; it spares customers of hefty out-of-pocket payments, visits to branches, and from all the paperwork usually involved.Do you see the opportunity? We certainly can - and we're not the only ones! Due to ever-increasing interest in our solution we are looking for top notch developers to help us scale-up by building out our core systems. We plan to onboard our first customers this year so it is a super interesting time to join.Why should you work for us?Our product is solving an important real-world problem that is widely recognised by insurance companies and their customers. We have a unique opportunity to completely revolutionise an industry currently dominated by large corporations.We are a cosy team with a high-level of experience in both insurance and technology. We operate with a horizontal structure; everyone, whether a developer or the CEO, is invited to help mould the product & strategy. We strongly believe in the freedom of work. That's not just a fancy declaration - we really do work from anywhere. As long as you are able to work in an asynchronous environment, all we ask is that you deliver what you promise. We won't insist on you being chained to a desk or a particular location.We pay market rates depending on experience and skillset.What tools and methods do we use?Latest versions of Angular for frontend apps, and Ionic for hybrid mobile apps.Node.js and Restify for API gateways and simple microservices.Test-driven and behaviour-driven (Gherkin syntax) development patterns.Continuous integration and delivery using CircleCI.Docker both for development and production (Amazon ECS).Our preferred project management method is Kanban (Trello).Our preferred communication tool is Slack.Why should we hire you?You can hit the ground running and develop maintainable code from day one.You have a deep knowledge of core Javascript and you can write Typescript with your eyes closed (well, almost).You have proven experience in building both large single-page frontend applications and server-side Express/Restify applications.You have a good eye for interfaces. You don't need to be a Photoshop pro but you should be able to create user-friendly pages & components using HTML & CSS (SASS).Your familiarity with CircleCI or other CI tools enables you to debug and fix pipelines.You are able to work in an unstructured start-up environment. You escalate problems whenever you are stuck and also voice your opinions when needed, ultimately enabling us to innovate faster.Your proactive and transparent approach will save us from any major hiccups, since you solve problems before they ever reach the client.What if I don't have all the skills mentioned?No worries, we will still consider candidates who can tick the majority of boxes.How should I apply?Send us an email with your resume and explain your motivation. Please include all relevant links – mainly LinkedIn, your website/blog, GitHub, Stack Overflow, or similar.We will take a look at your profile and arrange a short Skype call - just a friendly conversation to get to know each other. No typical HR questions. Part of the call will be dedicated to discussion about your experience, and about your approach to solving technical challenges. We will ask you some questions that will test your level of understanding of the topics covered.We don't believe in whiteboard exercises, but we will still give you a quick technical assignment. We want to see your thought process and your experience with solving challenges from complex problem domains.