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Posted almost 2 years ago

Senior JavaScript Engineer at Knack United States, Remote, Remote Full Time Skills Javascript, SQL, Big Data, MongoDB, Node.js, MariaDB, Vue.Js Compensation $90K – $125K 0.5% – 2.5% We do things a little differently and we like it that way. Our team is close-knit, highly-engaged, 100% remote, and dedicated to building a world-class product striving to democratize data and app building. We’re looking for some kindred spirits to join us on this crazy ride. Job Description Knack is hiring a senior javascript engineer! You’ll be an integral part of our engineering team focused on building and scaling a world-class product. We do things a little differently here at Knack, and that’s just how we like it: * Flat: we don’t have project managers or dictates from a CTO. Each engineer is lead on multiple projects and is expected to make major decisions. * Autonomous: our engineers own their projects, collectively determine technical implementation, and have the freedom to define how they can maximize their impact. * Engaged: our engineers think of their job as more than just 1s and 0s. Only by engaging with our product, our customers, and our team can they be fully equipped to do their best work. * Remote: to make this work our engineers are great communicators and are highly involved with hangouts/chat/discussions around both engineering topics and larger company issues. This isn’t for everyone, but for the right fit this will be the definitive experience of your career. Our goal will be to ensure you are driven and supported to continuously grow and do your best work. This is a senior position, so we’re looking for a strong track record of shipping code and building products at scale. With that said, we’re not looking for a 100% match on experience or our stack. If you have a history of shipping solid work, we’re interested. About the Job Our senior engineers are ultimately responsible for delivering an outstanding product. This includes: Implementing and architecting new features. Optimizing our systems for performance, including speed, reliability, redundancy, and geographic distribution. Fixing bugs and issues. Working with our success team to address customer issues and concerns. Building tools and processes to improve our operations and help us detect and respond to issues. How you’ll do this: Program: ship code every day Contribute: we want our engineers to make an impact on the Knack product. This means you’re not just implementing features that have been specified to death. It includes developing ideas, making suggestions, and keeping on top of new tech to understand opportunities. Engage: we have enough areas of need where we want to leverage what you’re excited about and use that to make Knack a better product. Learn and grow: we do code-reviews, pair-programming, lunch-and-learns, and actively engage in chat to constantly teach and learn. You won’t have a direct boss but will be working collaboratively with our current engineering team of 10, and with cross-functional teams on specific projects. Our work is 100% remote. We use Slack, Trello, Google Docs and Google Hangouts to get our work done. *Our stack* AWS – we’ve drunk the kool-aid and use AWS across the board. Node.js – APIs MongoDB, Redis, MariaDB – data persistence Vue.js, Backbone – our front-end is largely raw JavaScript/jQuery/Backbone, currently migrating to Vue.js. Github, Jenkins, Webpack – deployment Ghost Inspector, Sentry, LogRocket – testing *About You* Above all, you build things. You have a history of starting –and completing– projects, whether that’s products, applications, games, libraries, or plugins. You’re both a teacher and a learner. You’re not afraid to admit when someone may know more than you. You have the confidence to help others level up. You want to work on a product you can be proud of that impacts thousands of people all over the world, from non-profits to the world’s biggest companies. You go all in. You want to do your best work, and have that work make an impact. *About Knack* Knack is a no-code platform that makes it easy for anyone to build applications and workflows to do amazing things with their data. Knack launched in 2012 and has been growing steadily as we’ve built our team, perfected our product, and nailed our product-market fit. We’re now ready to take things to the next level and maximize the opportunity for what this product can be. *Benefits & Compensation* Competitive salaries and generous equity: rather than give up equity to investors to pay engineering salaries, we’ve chosen to give more of that equity to our team while still paying strong salaries. Define your work: our only rule is our overlap zone of 11am to 4pm EST. Otherwise find the location, environment, and schedule that is best for your life and work. Unlimited Paid Vacation: take the time you need to stay motivated, charged, and balanced. Paid Corporate Retreats: we get together twice a year at amazing locations to do normal human being things in person. We pay for your flight, lodging, and meals. Learning Credits: an annual allowance is provided to stay on top of your game with classes, books, and conferences. HealthCare: we offer health, vision, and dental, covering 75% of the premium for you and your dependents (spouse + children).