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Posted over 2 years ago

About YouYou have at least five years of professional software development experience.You love JavaScript and web technologies.You can work on both frontend (React) and backend (NodeJS).You are creative and independent.You are an active contributor to some open-source projects.You speak and write English fluently. You live in a country with a maximum time difference of 9 hours with Japan.Salary$3500 ~ $6500 / monthAbout UsMedmain is the health tech startup, which was born on January 2018 in Japan. We have won lots of pitch competitions those have held in all over the world, including Silicon Valley, Estonia and so on. Today, lots of things around us are improving by introduction of IT, but still so many thing haven’t changed in medicine, even though it is what we need to care the most. Medmain will create the new medicine for the next generation with our special knowledge of medicine and engineering.What we do?Medteria: Specialized cloud service for medical students and doctorsThe cloud service project developed from the stand point of medical students and used by all medical students. We are aiming to distribute all information to medical students, no matter where they are and where they belong to. 6 universities are currently using Medteria, and we are planning to build a new network for future doctors.PidPort: Software for pathological image diagnosis using DeepLearningPathologists (those who check the sample of patients with a microscope and make a final diagnose) are in shortage globally, so our AI will produce diagnosis reports. We are currently developing the alpha version, and have already signed contracts with hospitals in Japan. We plan to release the final version in late 2019.