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Posted about 1 month ago

We are a team of highly skilled JavaScript developers working on a Typescript/Angular2 application that flies drones and helps customers analyze their site via maps and 3d models. We are looking for engineers who consider themselves experts on shipping high-quality products. As a Senior Javascript Engineer, you will be responsible for Javascript Front End architecture and owning whole features from design to production.

  • Love writing JavaScript, and have an insatiable curiosity to learn more
  • Hit the ground running as a highly productive engineer. You should be someone who loves to ship code, and also someone who loves to write good, maintainable code
  • Javascript Front End architecture and owning whole features from design to production
  • Be a positive and collaborative presence on the team
  • Be a primary owner of code quality and best practices for the codebase
  • Bring new ideas to make DroneDeploy better
  • 5+ years of experience developing in modern Javascript. Can explain best practices, implement things like prototypal inheritance, curry, etc., and solve complex asynchronous problems.
  • Previous production code experience
  • A healthy and considered balance between loving to ship code fast and keeping up best practices for our repos.
  • Awareness and opinions on new front-end technology like TypeScript and ES6/7+.
  • Experience with MVC frameworks such as Angular 2 or React
  • Experience with the Redux design pattern is a plus
  • Experience with native iOS development is a plus