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Posted 8 months ago

\nWe strive for excellence and expect all Invertors to do the same. We do not micro manage our team members and require everyone to take responsibility for their own work, output, and destiny. \n\nOur team is constantly growing and we are very deliberate in who we hire as quality and fit is of utmost importance to us.\n\nWe are looking for a Senior software developer to expand our presence at one of our Clients. A few of them are currently looking to grow their technology footprint and Inversion is assisting them on their journey.\n\nYou will be joining a very experience development team where you will be challenged to improve constantly, encouraged to learn, and take part in "office" banter.\n\nBecause we are a fully remote international company we find it easiest to employ developers on a perpetual contract basis that pays by the hour. The intent in full time engagement and a long term relationship.\n\nHere are some of the tech stacks that we use:\n\n\n* C#\n\n* MS / Azure SQL\n\n* Winforms\n\n* Web services\n\n* ELM\n\n* Akka.NET\n\n* Entity Framework\n\n* Orm Lite\n\n* Excel Plugin work (using excel dna)\n\n* Azure and Various azure components\n\n* Azure Dev Ops\n\n\nyagJzhkdapAsCMnUw7CpJAMi