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Posted 19 days ago

**What you will do**\n\n* As a member of the Game Services team for Star Citizen, you will be responsible for building the online MMO backend services & related tools, acting on both the server and game-client side. The team is based in Montreal but operates mostly online with studios located in the US and the UK.\n\n*Your main objectives will be to:*\n* Design service APIs to power game features by working closely with Game Designers.\n* Develop scalable online macroservices in a large meshed service ecosystem\n* Program in tandem with Gameplay Developers to enable the game client\n* Take ownership of game features in the MMO architecture from inception to deployment and operation\n\n*You will work in the following stacks:*\n* Communications with gRPC & Protobuf\n* Gameplay services under Node.JS with Typescript\n* High throughput services with C++ and gRPC\n* C++ Game Client (StarEngine) communications with gRPC\n* Distributed message queues (Kafka)\n* Deployment with Kubernetes, Docker, and Linkerd2\n\n# Responsibilities\n **You’re Eager to Take On**\n\n* Build macroservices in a polyglot environment\n* Be part of a fast-iterating development environment\n* Estimate the effort to perform specific tasks, commit to delivery deadlines and help the team set and respect production timeline collectively\n* Mentor other developers on technologies you have learned to master\n* Designing innovative online services by focusing on fault-tolerance, scalability & security\n* Understanding the game features in order to provide clean, well defined, and documented service APIs\n* Using Cloud Native technologies to guarantee that Star Citizen is built on top of a sustainable ecosystem\n* Providing tools and applications to enable LiveOps teams to manage the game.\n* Interacting with infrastructure engineers to analyze, inform, review and improve the reliability and scalability of the game’s backend \n\n# Requirements\n**You’re Savvy in**\n\n* Communicating efficiently with people and translating technical jargon\n* Adapting to various contexts, sometimes shifting priorities\n* Managing your schedule to ensure productivity and efficiency in projects\n* Showing autonomy, being thorough and curious about new technologies\n* Getting things done, sharing good practices in backend development, contributing to implementing efficient processes\n\n**You have Accomplished**\n\n* Relevant programming experience or Bachelor in Computer Science\n* 4 years+ of experience in backend programming\n* 2 years+ of experience in programming with Node.js and experience with TypeScript\n* Good understanding of Linux shell, git and build pipelines\n* Good understanding of real-time network communication through gRPC, WebSocket\n* Knowledge of Event-Sourcing and Domain-Driven Design (DDD)\n* Experience with C/C++\n* Experience with Docker and Kubernetes; *an asset*\n* Experience working in a video game studio,*an asset* \n\n#Salary\n$90,000\n\n\n#Location\n- 🌏 Worldwide