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Posted 11 months ago

Senior Node.js + React DeveloperHigherEducation partners with many of the most recognizable names in the online education industry to help them build their programs and expand student bases.  We have 75M annual site visitors and are very good at what we do.  We also love to use cutting edge technologies to make developer life enjoyable and more productive.This past year, we drastically improved the performance and architecture of our React + Node + Docker apps as our application traffic tripled. We also implemented an A/B testing platform that allows us to run experiments both server and client side. (Next year, who knows just how high we can fly!)We're looking for more on-site (Houston) or remote (anywhere in the US) engineers to join the team to help us hit these goals and keep making use of the great new tech that is emerging every year.Pay is competitive, benefits are great (e.g. 6% 401k matching), the team is tons of fun, and a great work/life balance truly makes you enjoy the time spent on the job.If you're awesome at building client and server applications with JavaScript and want to enjoy your engineering-life because you get to use the right tool for the job with no red tape, apply today.The ideal candidate will have: A full stack mentality - you're equally happy in React apps as you are working on the API and cache layer.  Some projects you'll be doing both, sometimes just one, sometimes just the other.Meaningful experience with React apps - you're a senior - you've done it, you have opinions, lessons learned and perhaps some horror storiesMeaningful experience with building Node.js API's - you can spin up an API complete with DB and auth with no hand-holding.  You also know how to improve performance when requests get slow.Essentially, you love to be involved with the whole stack minus Ops and aren't afraid to take on new and challenging areas, whether it's performance and scaling, DevOps, or in-depth CSS optimization.Bonus points go to the contestants displaying:Experience working with new CSS features like Custom properties and CSS GridProduction experience with building and consuming GraphQL API'sStrong knowledge of Docker (we deploy everything via Docker)AWS – specifically EC2, RDS, Elasticache, Lambda, VPCExperience with Docker CI workflows using hosted or on-prem CI platforms such as CircleCI, Codeship, DroneCI, Jenkins, etcDNS, load balancing, failover & scaling strategiesHaving the right emoji and gif for every situationBenefits & Perks:The short of it: we want you to be really glad that you work here and laugh when recruiters email you opportunities elsewhere6% 401k matching100% health / vision / dental for you & partial subsidies for the rest of your family15 vacation & sick days / yr. + many U.S. & company holidaysFlexible hours - getting the work done and communicating well is what matters mostGym membership reimbursement up to $100/mo - because those biceps aren't going to grow themselvesYou get to work with Evan.  Believe me, we all appreciate this.