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Posted 4 months ago

\nThis is remote position, with some time in Vilnius to meet and greet team here.  Countering disinformation… by code\n\nWe’re looking for a Mid-Senior PHP developer to join our tech team which is fully committed to high-quality and long-term success of our product. At Debunk EU, we are building a platform which allows media, stratcom’s, think tanks and academic institutions to timely and efficiently counter well-coordinated and financed disinformation efforts worldwide.\n\nDisinformation is a global phenomenon which is characterized as a “false information spread in order to deceive people”. During the recent years, it has been used to polarize society and even influence political processes through the spread of harmful messages on media websites and social media platforms.\n\nWe are calling you to accept the challenge and join the efforts in building a more resilient society and helping to create a trustworthy media landscape!\n\nWhat you will do\n\n\n* Be responsible for writing clear, tested, documented code;\n\n* Be involved in creating APIs & integrating third-party ones;\n\n* Be responsible for maintaining our current APIs and backend solutions;\n\n* Be responsible for developing new platform features;\n\n* Be involved in adapting ML/AI technologies & improving current platform infrastructure.\n\n\n\n\n\nStack:\n\n\n* Symfony 3.4;\n\n* VueJS 2.5;\n\n* MySQL 5.7;\n\n* ElasticSearch 5.6;\n\n* Python 3 & Laravel 5.5 are also used in some services.\n\n\n\n\nRequirements\n\n\n* 5+ years of experience with PHP and MySQL;\n\n* Full responsibility/ownership of the code and product development;\n\n* Timely delivery.\n\n* Experience with Symfony;\n\n* Experience with AI/ML algorithms;\n\n* Experience with ElasticSearch;\n\n* Leading a team of developers.\n\n\n\n\nWhat we offer\n\n\n* Challenging and groundbreaking projects that disrupt the market and have the potential of shaping the world;\n\n* No strict hierarchy - we are always glad to hear your insights, suggestions for change and make sure to make them come to life;\n\n* No stress for mistakes - only through experiments and brainstorming we enabled ourselves to go beyond the borders;\n\n* Need to better concentrate and work from home? No worries, do it!\n\n* Growth with us - once you’re ready, there’s nothing holding you back from becoming our CTO;\n\n* Support whenever you need it - be it the counselling from our senior staff or any learning opportunities that you deem necessary;\n\n* A great team which, when not thinking about changing the world, is always up for a beer, a board game night or… you name it!\n\n* Cappuccino, flat white or black coffee in the morning and some foosball in the afternoon;\n\n* An office in the city center;\n\n\n