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Posted about 1 month ago

Ticketpark is a growing, Switzerland-based, remote-work-friendly event ticketing system provider, focused on making buying and selling event tickets a joy for buyers and organizers.\n\nWould you like to join us? Our team is currently looking for a\n# **Senior PHP Developer**\n\n\n**In a nutshell:** 32-40 hours per week | remote first | lots of PHP based on Symfony | growing company\n\n**Our current tech stack:** We are mainly based on PHP 7 and Symfony 3. There is some Javascript, Swift and Java sprinkled in here and there. Internally we use lots of cloud based tools like Slack, Jira, GSuite, Toggl, Helpscout, Whereby and others. We like Apple and Macs.\n\n**What it’s like to work at Ticketpark**\n\n* We are strong supporters of a calm, joyful work environment. Most of our team work part-time and all of us enjoy activities outside of work.\n* Still, sometimes an extra-effort is needed and and a long day may be required once in a blue moon.\n* We are in transition of becoming a remote-first company. Communication happens mainly on Slack and via video chat already and it will become even more so. You are welcome to shape this change with us along the way!\n* Every team member is expected to care deeply about real customer needs. Our clients stick with us because of their great experience with us rather than being locked in by a long-term contract.\n* Team members enjoy fullest mutual trust and strive to live up to this responsibility.\n* We often say *thank you* and *please* to each other and prefer acts of real appreciation over standardized birthday cards.\n* You may expect fair compensation based on your education, experience, and cost of living in your home country.\n\n# Responsibilities\n In this role you will …\n\n* Lead further developments of our event management platform by defining the suitable architecture and choosing future-proof technologies for our different applications and modules.\n* Define features and set priorities together with the product manager\n* Actively develop such features in collaboration with other developers\n* Ensure the quality of new developments by reviewing code, enforcing automated testing and performing manual testing\n* Ensure the creation and quality control of documentation for new and existing developments\n* Collaborate actively in responding to technical support tasks\n* Assist the support and sales team in replying to technical questions\n* Implement and operate our server infrastructure together with DevOps experts\n* Keep an eye on new and upcoming technologies and evaluate their benefit for Ticketpark (like Voice, ML, AI, Blockchain and whatever the future will bring) \n\n# Requirements\n* You are an experienced senior developer with PHP and Symfony.\n* You are able to look at features from the perspective of the user.\n* You have a quick grasp of complex matters.\n* You are communicative and don’t hold back with information, praise, nor constructive feedback.\n* You speak and write English fluently. If you also know German, this is a big plus.\n* You are curious and like to learn and apply new things.\n* You enjoy both, the conceptual aspects of work as well as hands-on development.\n* You have proven to be able to handle concurrent projects reliably and efficiently. \n\n#Salary\n$70,000\n \n\n#Location\n- Central European Timezone +/- 1h