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Posted 4 months ago

We are currently looking for a **Senior Programmer** to join our team.\n\nThis position is a **‘work from home’** opportunity and offers the following benefits:\n\n* An excellent work/life balance\n* Less time commuting\n* A quiet working atmosphere\n* Annual company-wide bonus\n* Competitive salary\n* Life, health and dental plan (if located in Canada)\n* Free snacks and coffee (when working at our Montreal office)\n\nThis position is the perfect opportunity for someone who is looking for a stable, full-time career developing complex, mission-critical software that has a direct impact on democracy in various sectors of our society. Your time will mostly be spent programming and testing various back-end enhancements to the voting system and related software infrastructure. Due to the nature of the software and industry, testing is critical and it is common to spend **much more time testing** your code than writing it. You will be given proper training to understand the industry and how our voting system works.\n\n# Responsibilities\n * Develop an in-depth understanding of the capabilities of our online voting system\n* Use Git / GitHub for version control and project coordination\n* Program enhancements based on very high-level specifications\n* Develop, document and execute a testing plan for each enhancement\n* Test and peer-review enhancements of other programmers on the team\n* Perform occasional non-programming special project, research or brainstorming tasks\n* Participate in team meetings and occasional meetings with customers\n* Provide technical assistance to the rest of the team on request \n\n# Requirements\n**Required Qualifications:**\n\n* At least 5 years of experience programming in a team environment\n* Experience working on complex software\n* Experience writing quality code and adhering to coding standards\n* Mastery of PHP\n* Excellent knowledge full stack – PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript\n* Strong Object Oriented Programming (OOP) skills\n* Knowledge of web security issues\n* Knowledge of Git\n* Ability to design and write unit tests\n* Ability to work in a Linux environment\n* Strong desire and ability to learn\n* Strong problem-solving skills\n* Strong communication skills\n* A quiet home office with high speed internet (if working from home is desired)\n* Self-motivated and disciplined to work productively from your home office (if desired)\n* Adaptable, a team player, a positive attitude, and tremendous work ethic\n* Creative and passionate about growing with a fantastic company\n\n**Preferred Qualifications:**\n\n* Fluency in French\n* Knowledge of LAMP server administration\n* Knowledge of web accessibility\n* Knowledge of responsive web design and cross-browser compatibility\n* Performance tuning & optimization skills \n\n#Salary\n$80,000.00 – $95,000.00 CAD\n \n\n#Location\n- 🇨🇦CA-only