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Posted about 1 month ago

\nWe are looking for software developers who are passionate about software design and the latest in software development.\n\nIn this role the developer would be responsible for maintaining the platform infrastructure for clients located in the United States with the possibility of becoming one of our team leads. These platforms consume and process huge amounts of data daily and require special care to ensure performance and ensure high availability at all times. This is a full time position.\n\nRequirements:\n\n\n* 5+ years of experience using C#\n\n* 5+ years of experience using SQL Server/T-SQL\n\n* 3+ years of experience using MVC.NET or Web.Api\n\n* Some experience with multithreading, async programming\n\n* Some UI design abilities \n\n* English proficiency\n\n\n\n\nBonus:\n\n\n* Any experience with ASP.NET Core\n\n* Any experience with Dapper\n\n* Any experience with Big Data reporting/analytics\n\n* Cloud experience in one of the following environments Azure, AWS\n\n* Great UI design abilities\n\n* React experience\n\n* Experience with Git\n\n* Experience with Jira\n\n\n