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Posted over 1 year ago


DocStation is a platform that makes it easy for pharmacists to transition away from dispensing pills to providing clinical care for patients. We built the platform with their workflow in mind as opposed to billing requirements, which plagues most of the industry/market. We’re also in a unique position because the majority of the tech innovation has happened at the Hospital/Health System level while pharmacy has been left in the stone age; which is a huge market opportunity as pharmacy starts to catch up.

We receive data from insurance claims on a daily, weekly, monthly cadence that we transform into patient profiles, medication lists, and insights in the UI in order to augment the clinical work of pharmacists to give them time back in their day. We have lots of data at our fingertips and we need your help presenting it to pharmacists so they can take even better care of their patients.

As an early employee, you'll help establish a design system to tighten up our current product offering while setting the stage for where we're headed in the next 6-12 months. We've got a clear path forward in terms of how we can continue to streamline a pharmacists workflow and give them time back in their busy schedules but we need your help to make sure we're solving those problems in a foundational manner so we can continue to build on them.

You'll set up processes that will enable us to not only solve small problems quickly but also to craft the future of DocStation. You'll work in a collaborative environment, demonstrating empathy for our users while balancing the vision and constraints of engineering.


Some things you might work on:

Establish a design system that allows engineering to build quickly/efficiently.

Work closely with pharmacists to design new features and iterate on the existing offering.

Further establish the DocStation brand to allow for future product offerings.

Improve the design/messaging of our marketing site.

Design marketing strategies and materials for conferences/events.

You will do phenomenal in this role if you have:

Compassion for pharmacists working in a busy setting.

A collaborative spirit to work with and learn from the entire organization.

Initiative to identify problems and act on opportunities to improve the product.

Excellent written and verbal interpersonal skills.

Integrity, respect for others, modesty, and passion.

It's a plus if you also have:

Experience designing for complex products with large amounts of data to input and view.

Experience using tools to collaborate with the rest of the company about designs (InVision, Marvel, Figma).

HTML/CSS experience to contribute to building or modifying components.

Why is now the right time for DocStation & Value Based Pharmacy?:

The American healthcare system is broken (watch this episode of Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj) and pharmacists are in a unique position to help take better care of patients while saving money in the process. Thankfully, the traditional business model of dispensing pills (how most people think of pharmacists) is going the way of the dodo due to razor thin margins (thanks Amazon/PillPack). Pharmacists are eager to increase the amount of clinical care they're providing and health plans/insurers are starting to recognize the value of that work.

Some additional stats:

Medicare population & spend is set to double in the next 5-10 years.

The US will be 100k primary care physicians short of what’s required by 2030.

Patients are already seeing their pharmacist up to 32x a year when they're only seeing their primary care physician 4x/year.


Some DocStation benefits:

Fully distributed company - work from wherever you're most comfortable

Competitive salary & health benefits

Equipment you need to do your job

Team retreats & outings (our last was to Big Sky, MT for skiing/snowboarding)

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.