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Posted 4 months ago

Start date: Jan 2020 - Search opens 10.15.19


  • Creators of Parabol, collaboration & culture-building software for distributed teams 

  • Deeply interested in #FutureOfWork problems, and how to solve them 

  • Committed to transparency, honesty, empathy, experimentation, and play 

  • Graduates of the 16th cohort of the Alchemist Accelerator 

  • Well-connected to tech, business, and workplace culture change communities 

  • A fully distributed team (CA, MA, MI, NY, TX) that supports work-life balance 

  • An Equal Opportunity Employer that actively pursues workplace diversity 


  • 5+ years creating user experiences and visual interfaces 

  • Human-centered design expert: framing a challenge, research, and implementation 

  • Experienced in solving ambiguous problems strategically and systematically 

  • A visual communicator with a strong aesthetic in multiple mediums 

  • Able to prototype in many formats, including Figma, HTML/CSS, Javascript 

  • Familiar with CSS animations and Javascript 

  • Have clear ideas for how you might lead progress toward our next Milestones 

  • An empathetic and generous communicator that lives by, “don't hate, iterate” 


  • Currently offering 65% FMV cash salary + seed-stage equity 

  • Geographically distributed team (CA, NY, TX) that pursues work-life balance 

  • Convenes 4x/year for all-expenses-paid, all-hands strategy session