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Posted 11 months ago

Who should apply?

You are a Senior Engineer at a fast-growing startup, excited by the challenge of building a world-class online learning experience. You take action and you bring full-stack solutions to full-stack opportunities.  You are fluent in multiple programming languages and frameworks, we primarily use React and Django. You are willing and able to take on new projects as they come, whether its front-end or back-end development (the first few tasks for the Senior Product Engineer will be front-end oriented). You have recommendations for both the platform and the business. You should be adaptable to working on various types of projects. You enjoy brainstorming with product managers and working with stakeholders to achieve successful outcomes. You enjoy mentoring other engineers because you see teaching as an opportunity to improve the excellence of your team. 

This is a fully remote role and we are open to applications worldwide.  You don't have to match all of the listed requirements to apply -- we're looking for people who can grow along with our team, so please reach out if this job is interesting to you.

  • You have at least 5 years of development experience.
  • You’re able to dive into a React and Python codebase and confidently make changes. Whether the feature is written in React, or Django, you bring solutions to the code and the business.
  • You have had experience with both front-end (UI/UX), and back-end (internal tooling/infrastructure) development, in a true full-stack development role.
  • You're comfortable leading architectural discussions and creating roadmaps.
  • You aim to improve reliability and performance when you refactor.
  • You actively work to remove blockers for yourself and for the team
  • You think about how to measure the impact of your work on our students.
  • You enjoy mentoring other engineers, and see teaching as an opportunity to improve yourself and your team.
  • If a merge request deletes more code than it creates, you think it's a good day.
  • You’re just as excited about Devops, and architecting and improving infrastructure, as you are about front-end design and user experience. 
Nice to Haves: 
  • You have worked in a remote role before. 
  • You have acted as a Team Lead or Project Manager in previous roles.
  • You are experienced working on UI design/UX and front-end applications.
  • You have worked with a multi-cultural, world-wide team in previous roles.
  • You have worked on an online educational platform, in previous roles. 
Why you want to work for us! 
  • The chance to see your impact on the lives of our students every day
  • The opportunity to be part of an engaged and mission-driven team
  • The chance to contribute to team direction
  • Be able to work as part of a 100% remote team!
  • A supportive environment where help is always accessible
  • Flexible vacation and sick leave
  • An annual professional development allowance
  • Medical, dental, and vision benefits (for full-time US-based employees only)
  • 401(k) and life insurance plans (for full-time US-based employees only)