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Posted about 1 year ago

  • Location: San Francisco / Madrid / Fully remote

  • Seniority: Senior/Expert

  • Compensation: competitive market salary + 0.1% stock options

At source{d} we are building the data platform that enables engineering leaders & teams to use source code as data for getting insights on their people, processes and technology—as well as feeding sophisticated Machine Learning on code algorithms which power the next generation of developer tooling, as assisted code review. We are an open-core company built around our Open Source projects. We have raised over eight million USD so far and as we develop our products and expand our business we are looking to grow our team.

About the Role:


  • You will own and drive the life cycle of new features and mature the emerging source{d} Community Edition and source{d} Enterprise Edition offerings—from high-level concept to delivery and end-of-life.

  • You will help shape product vision & strategy along stakeholders and turn them it into roadmaps with themes, features and priorities.

  • You will interact with enterprise clients, community members and team members to map use cases, needs and pains, which will be turned into tangible backlog stories that others can act upon.

  • You will make decisions on what & when (not) to build by refining requirements and deriving insights from a mix of hard data, market/user research, technical feasibility and stakeholder needs.

  • You will collaborate with designers, engineers, data scientist & others to validate acceptance, ensure delivery and measure adoption and satisfaction over new features.

  • You will partner with other teams to promote product adoption. minimizing friction and maximizing loyalty via better UX, new features, improved documentation and/or communication.

  • You will be prototyping and exploring uses of our technology to solve problems that benefit the developer community and enterprise customers.

  • You will in partnership with others to communicate internally and externally about use cases, product benefits, technical features via product collateral, presentations.

  • You will develop a deep understanding of the competitive landscape and identify key areas of competitive differentiation, as well as identify key disruptive opportunities.


  • Over 3 years of experience in product management and closely related areas.

  • You are empathetic and a flexible thinker able to look at problems from different perspectives.

  • You are a team player able to negotiate and build consensus around objectives.

  • You are organized and have a strong sense of ownership and accountability.

  • You have experience in defining and delivering products with large impact for a technical audience.

  • You have built enterprise products and know how to turn client needs into features in a timeline.

  • You are comfortable learning and working with deep technical concepts.

  • You are comfortable communicating concepts from business leaders (zoom out) to developers in our community or team (zoom in).• You can collaborate efficiently with remote teams.

  • You can communicate in English effectively (both spoken and written).

Preferred Requirements

  • Over 5 years of experience in product management, software development and related areas.

  • Over 2 years of experience around big data, analytics, BI, developer tooling or SaaS products.

  • Over 2 years of experience around products aimed at (large) enterprises.

  • You have solid technical background from previous work experience, studies or personal interest.

  • You have a good grasp of user experience.

  • You program and have skills in SQL, data science and/or machine learning.

  • You are familiar with modern methodologies and frameworks as Agile/Scrum/Kanban.

  • You are familiar with technologies as Git, databases, containers, analytics tools.

  • You are familiar with open source and care about it.

  • You are familiar with open core business models.

Teams at source{d}

Product at source{d} is a growing team composed by product management, design & data intelligence. We all have a knack for collaboration, open source, hard data, and machine learning.

We favor modern methodologies, frameworks and tools. Most of our workflow happens over Github. We adopt Agile methods with user stories, kanbans and adopt a periodic product release cycle.

The team collaborates very closely with the whole leadership, developer relations, marketing, sales and engineering teams.

Engineering consists of five different teams that represent the architecture of our product:Applications, Machine Learning, Data Processing, Language Analysis, Data Retrieval & Infrastructure.

We care about Open Source. Everything we develop is available for anyone to read, modify, and contribute (under Apache 2.0 or GPL3 license). Some examples of our projects are:

  • src-d/community edition: a library for running scalable data retrieval pipelines that process any number of Git repositories for source code analysis.

  • src-d/ml: a library to build and apply Machine Learning models on top of Universal Abstract Syntax Trees.

  • src-d/gitbase: a SQL interface to Git repositories, written in Go.

  • bblfsh/bblfshd: Babelfish server, turning code into Universal Abstract Syntax Trees (UASTs).

  • src-d/go-git: a highly extensible Git implementation in pure Go.

If you are interested in understanding how we do code reviews, please take a look at the PRs on any of these projects. You can also learn more about our methodology here.


source{d} is a company for developers by developers. We firmly believe in always doing what's best for developers in the community. Our team consists of members who are passionate about programming. To understand our culture better, read more about it here.

Of course, if you’re applying for one of our non-developer roles, we’re happy to have you on board and give you support and training to get into the mindset and up to speed in a few skills you through our by developers training.

  • At the moment, we are 35+ people from 10+ different countries working remotely or closely together from our offices in Madrid, San Francisco and Seattle.

  • We are more than happy to sponsor you a visa and guide you and your family through the whole process if you decide to come to work from our offices.

  • At source{d} all of the projects we work on are public on GitHub and the vast majority are open-source under licenses such as Apache 2.0 or GPL3.

  • We don't just believe in open-source, we also believe in radical transparency as an organization, there we publish everything about the company at


  • We often go to conferences and other developer events!

  • Open Source Days: you are encouraged to work on any OSS project you choose 10% of your time, every second Monday.

  • Paid holidays and paternity leave.

  • Flexible hours, set your own schedule that fits you.

  • Free books. We will buy any books that help you learn & grow.

  • Company-sponsored language classes.

  • If you choose to work from one of our offices, you will enjoy a comfortable and spacious environment, with foods, drinks & hardware.

  • Monthly get-togethers, annual summer and winter Christmas parties and a hackathon retreat are held in Madrid and all team members are flown over for it.

  • We also have our own, Open Source craft beers.