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Posted 11 months ago

Who we are

We are Worthy - and so are you! We want to democratize capital by making money more accessible for those who need to borrow it and by making investments with strong returns available to those who would like a better financial future.

We want to help people grow a nest egg even if they think they can’t… and to do it while supporting Main Street, not Wall Street!

Our first product is a free micro-investment app that helps you save & grow your money – a dollar at a time. It monitors your everyday spending and rounds up each transaction to a whole dollar. It then automatically invests every $10 into a 5% interest earning Worthy Bond, which in turn supports small creditworthy businesses across the U.S., helping to strengthen our local communities.

We are a remote-first company with offices in sunny Boca Raton, Florida. We avoid the noise of Slack, but we use Twist, Keybase and Confluence to keep in sync. We're on Gitlab to take advantage of their integrated CI/CD pipeline (we love continuous stuff!) and issue tracker.

Who you are

You’re an experienced backend web developer who has worked for 5+ years on a few production web apps and APIs at scale. Experience working on financial or accounting applications preferred.

You use Python on a daily basis for various tasks, from APIs to scheduled tasks and maintenance scripts.

You can design and implement an API and future-proof it. You have a strong opinion on whether APIs should be versioned in the URI or in a response header, and can defend that opinion. You know how to upgrade an API while keeping it backwards-compatible for older clients.

You’re aware of which data fits best in a relational database and which in a document-oriented one. You can use a framework-provided ORM, but can also jump in and fine-tune SQL queries when needed. You know enough database management to create and maintain an efficient schema in PostgreSQL, indexes and all.

You’re experienced enough to avoid most bugs and programming errors, but you use tools such as linters and write unit & integration tests to catch all the others.

You can secure both internal and public-facing APIs using different methods, including one-time passwords (TOTP) for two-factor authentication. You consider security and privacy when designing any new features or reviewing existing code.

Most importantly, you can communicate clearly and efficiently in writing, as well as in online video/audio calls. You can handle the async (over)communication requirements of a remote-first environment and can manage your own time and productivity.

For everyone’s sake, you develop on either OS X or a Linux flavor. We don’t do windows.

You are eligible to legally work in the U.S. as a full-time employee. Given the role's responsibilities, this is a hard requirement, even though we will have other positions where we can hire more liberally. Note that this doesn't require actual presence in the U.S. (expats welcome!).

What you’ll do

We’ve build a solid, stable serverless API using Zappa on AWS Lambda. Our infrastructure is mostly managed via Terraform and our deployments are one-click, thanks to Gitlab’s CI/CD pipelines. While we rely on third parties for some key features, we’ve never had any downtime caused by anything we wrote.

Concretely, you’ll help build new business features as we grow our offerings. You will help us trim our backlog and keep technical debt in check. Since we already have robust test coverage, you will help maintain that by writing unit and integration tests for all new features and any bugs fixed.

You will also perform light devOps duties via Terraform and (rarely) manually, such as Gitlab instance upgrades or bastion security checks and updates. You’ll participate in planning & prioritization meetings to help estimate complexity and think of creative solutions to business and growth problems.

You are required to have at least basic experience with our existing stack, but more importantly, you need to have the ability and desire to learn and adapt.

What you’ll get

  • you can work remote from anywhere in the U.S. or from our office in Boca Raton, FL
  • you’ll set your own work schedule, as long as you can deliver and be productive (we prefer two 3-hour focused, uninterrupted work sessions, with morning, lunch and evening communication breaks to stay in sync)
  • competitive salary for a remote position
  • health insurance & stock options
  • more benefits as we continue growing

How to apply

We don’t do resumes. They only prove who signed your previous paychecks.

Send us your Git(hub/lab/bucket) profile, places where we can "see" your backend code in production, along with a short email explaining what kinds of problems you solved in the past, and how you did it.

In essence, please convince us we’re a good fit for each other with any arguments you’d like.

We’ll contact you by phone or email for a quick chat, then we’ll set up a video call with the CEO and CTO.

There will be no gimmicky interview quizzes or whiteboard tests. Instead, we’ll ask you to show us some code, either from a previous job or, if NDAs prevent that, we’ll write some together. This is not to test you under pressure, but to filter out the inevitable applicants who are trying to fake it till they make it.

We’ll ask you to try out something new and talk us through it, whether it’s a new framework, concept (GraphQL instead of REST?) or an AWS service neither of us used before. We do this to see if you’re willing and able to learn new things and how you handle bumping into small obstacles on the way to delivering something that works, however trivial.