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Posted 9 days ago

\nPosition: Sr. Python Developer\n\n\nResponsibilities:\nThe Engineer will actively participate with Scrum development teams and meetings. Additionally, the Engineer will be responsible for working with a highly functional team developing and automating data ingest, optimizing system and search performance, integration with enterprise authentication services, and establishing/improving system monitoring while maintaining established security protocols development, test, and production systems\n• Senior Python Developer with good experience in Python, Pandas/NumPy/SciPy, RESTful/REST\n• Backend = Python\n• Frontend = Angular or React\n• Experience with node.js would be helpful \n• Expertise in at least one popular Python framework (like Django, Flask, or Tornado) and Spark/Kafka/Hadoop (plus)\n• Full Stack Engineer capable of designing solutions, writing code, testing code, automating test and deployment \n• Overall delivery of software components working in collaboration with product and design teams \n• Collaborating with other technology teams to ensure integrated end-to-end design and integration. \n• Enforcing existing process guidelines; drives new processes, guidelines, team rules, and best practices. \n• Ready, willing, and able to pick up new technologies and pitch in on story tasks (design, code, test, CI/CD, deploy etc.)\n• Ensures efficient execution of overall product delivery by prioritizing, planning and tracking sprint progress. (This can include the development of shippable code\n\nQualifications:\n• Expert with Python Development\n• 10+ years of Python Development experience \n• Bachelor/Master’s Degree in Computer science or any related quantitative field.\n• Knowledgeable in cloud platforms (preferable AWS: both traditional EC2 and serverless Lambda)\n•Deep Experience with micro-services architecture, CI/CD solutions (including Docker), DevOps principles\n• Understanding of the threading limitations of Python, and multi-process architecture\n• Solid foundation and understanding of relational and NoSQL database principles.\n• Experience working with numerical/quantitative systems, e.g., pandas, NumPy, SciPy, and Apache Spark. \n• Experience in developing and using RESTful APIs. \n• Expertise in at least one popular Python framework (like Django, Flask, or Tornado) \n• Experience in writing automated unit, integration, regression, performance, and acceptance tests. \n• Solid understanding of software design principles\n• Proven track record of executing on the full product lifecycle (inception through deprecation) to create highly scalable and flexible RESTful APIs to enable an infinite number of digital products.\n• Self-directed with a start-up/entrepreneur mindset.\n• Ravenous about learning technology and problem-solving.\n• Strong writing and communication skills.yagJzhkdapAsCMnUw7CpJAMi