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Posted 5 months ago

We’re looking for a Senior, full-stack Rails Engineer to join our growing product team and help us lead a revolution in how podcasters get paid. Being an early stage (well-funded) startup, you’ll be a key member in shaping Supercast’s future, influencing all areas of technology, product and culture.

Supercast helps podcasters monetize their passion by making it easy to deliver member-exclusive content to loyal fans, unlocking predictable, recurring revenue in the process. The podcast market is exploding, and our early success with high-profile podcasters has put Supercast at the heart of a movement that empowers content creators to earn money directly from their fans.

A typical day would involve:

  • Primarily working in Ruby on Rails, Javascript on the front-end and MySQL. 
  • Keeping our production AWS app healthy, diagnosing issues and performing enhancements as needed.
  • Collaborating with the team to shape a feature or fix, as well as contributing to the overall product roadmap.
  • Video calls with others on the team to discuss or solve problems, or to just say hi.
  • Providing feedback on a GitHub pull request, or responding to feedback left for you.
  • Helping Sales and Support to come up with creative solutions for customers

Being a Senior Engineer requires:

  • Proven web programming skills. You should have helped design, develop and maintain large-scale Ruby on Rails production web apps (ideally on AWS), and be familiar with the surrounding ecosystem. Experience with subscription payments, PHP and WordPress is a bonus.
  • Quality code standards. You should know how to balance your own high standards of code quality with the problems you are solving and external constraints like how time-sensitive it is or the impact it will have.
  • Solid development processes. You are comfortable writing Git commits, pull requests and tests. You know how to tackle critiquing other people’s code in a positive and productive way, and receiving the same sort of feedback.
  • Great problem solving skills. You are happy working through difficult technical problems and solving them in straight-forward ways. Even if you don’t know the answer immediately, you’re comfortable digging into until you figure it out and also know when it’s time to ask for help.
  • Native-level English communication skills. You value empathy and kindness and can articulate yourself clearly with team members and customers.

Why you’ll love working at Supercast

We're a mission-led team that cares deeply about the customers that we serve, the way we build a product and a passionate team culture where we can do our best work together. We're an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company - everyone's voice counts. 

Supercast is a remote-first company with current team members in Victoria, BC and Oakland, CA. We believe in flexible working and encourage you to work where you feel most inspired, with a preference for Canadian employees with a work window within 3 hours of Pacific Standard Time. 

As well as a competitive salary you’ll receive all the equipment you need to do a great job, full medical/dental benefits,generous paid vacation (we’ll insist you take at least 4 weeks) and exercise reimbursements to stay fit.

We're backed by Tiny, a diverse family of companies that prides itself on crafting well-designed, wonderful internet experiences, including podcasting pioneers Castro, DoubleUp and Ride Home Media.