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Posted over 1 year ago

*UK-based candidates only please.*

An exciting opportunity to work on an entirely greenfield project.

Do you ever find yourself dismayed at the quality of websites available to small businesses like local restaurants? Defty aims to solve this problem by building a platform that allows anyone to build a great website in 20 minutes or less with no knowledge of HTML, CSS or JavaScript.

We are building a simple website builder that anyone with access to a mobile phone and an internet connection can use. In this role you will develop both the website builder and the various panes and pages that together build up a users website. The defty sitebuilder will be the first to feature both a complete mobile editor and unlimited undo/redo!

You will be focused on delivering a quality front-end experience in terms of what the user sees as well as ensuring code is maintainable, optimised and well-tested. There is zero existing code for the Website Builder frontend so expect to be given the autonomy to make choices about how you work, including what framework you use with the guidance and input of the CTO.

You will be one of the first members of a new team. Bring your opinions and experience and together we will experiment with various methodologies and tools to find something that works for everyone.
Not a designer? Don't worry. You'll be working with a UX designer to develop sites that work across all device types, are accessible and usable for everyone, and look stunning.


Visit [our website]( for a full list of perks

* A highly competitive salary
* 5% Launch Bonus (the month we sell our first website you'll receive 5% of your annual salary as a bonus!)
* £2,500 equipment budget so you can decide how you work
* 25 days holiday + bank holidays and an extra day's leave to celebrate your birthday
* Yearly market rate pay reviews
* No legacy code, choose your own frameworks & technologies
* Be one of the first employees, see how the business works from end to end and make a substantial impact on the future of the company

# Responsibilities
Your day-to-day responsibilities will initially be entirely focused on building the Website Editor frontend. Over time the requirement to build component templates will be introduced and at some point in the future we hope this role turns into a management role for a team of frontend engineers.

# Requirements
At defty we know that years of experience doesn't determine how capable you are.

We are looking for someone who can build a complex React application from scratch whilst ensuring it is maintainable, well optimised and accessible to all. If this sounds like you then get in touch!