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Posted about 2 months ago

# Who we are\n\nCheckout X is a self-funded startup with a global vision that has achieved market validation and is now getting ready to scale. Our products are used by thousands of stores worldwide and we're responsible for ~€300,000,000 worth of e-commerce transactions annually.\n\nWe're building the Ultimate Checkout Solution for e-commerce by focusing on effective Upselling and CRO techniques. By using the power of 🔮 Magic (technology), we provide a better checkout experience for customers and a complete checkout toolkit to merchants.\n\nOur team currently consists of 12 people ( in 6 countries 🌍 ) and the plan is to keep growing fast!\n\nMeet the product at and the team at\n\n\n# Who we're looking for\n\nWe're looking for a Mid/Senior FullStack developer to join our Product Development team.\n\nOur current stack is: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Sidekiq, Stimulus, Alpine.js, Tailwind\n\nYou need to feel comfortable doing both Backend tasks and also implementing Frontend views with provided designs. We work with lots of external API's, so you need be a quick learner and be able to quickly make your way with unfamiliar documentation.\n\nWe currently have tens of millions of records in our DB and thousands of stores that depend on Checkout X to process their sales. So you need to be comfortable to work with a large scale app in which downtime is simply unacceptable.\n\n# What is the job about\n* 👍 Writing production-ready code.\n* 🤜 Designing scalable codebase & architecture\n* 👌 Ensure that your code does the right thing. You do business analysis.\n* 🤞 Ensure that your code works. You do testing.\n* 💪 Be ready to get your hands dirty and refactor 💩.\n\n# Why join\n* 😴 Arrange your time to suit you. Do your job, 'when' is up to you.\n* 🌴 ️ Work anywhere you like\n* 🖥 Co-working space, if you want one.\n* ✈️ Two team retreats per year\n* 🤑 Competitive Salary\n* 💰 Company shares\n\n# What is required\n* 🙊 Fluent English ( our team is international )\n* 🤓 Extensive experience in Ruby on Rails.\n* 🤓 Extensive experience in JavaScript.\n* 👻 No fear of HTML/CSS.\n* 🕛 Availability in standard CET working hours\n* 😇 Don't be an asshole. Beyond that, you do you.\n\n# It's also appreciated if you are:\n* 🦄 Proactive\n* 😹 Funny\n* 📑 Organised\n* 🌊 Easy-going \n\n#Salary\n$60,000\n\n\n#Location\n- 🇪🇺 EU-only