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Posted almost 2 years ago

We’re looking for a developer with a great deal of independence and self organization with proven experience in building production ready web applications. We expect this person to be able to demonstrate an expert understanding in web application development, especially Ruby on Rails and have a commitment to user experience and customer satisfaction.Minimum Qualifications5+ years building production Ruby on Rails applications >= 4.1.05+ years building production full stack web applications (HTML, CSS, Javascript).4+ years relational database design (preferably PostgreSQL > 9.0).2+ years Test Driven Development preferably using MiniTest2+ years experience with linux system administration (preferably Ubuntu).2+ years source control management using Git.Desired QualificationsExperience deploying scalable applications using Sidekiq, Redis, GCP.Experience with ReactJS and/or AngularJSExperience in financial services, advertising, or affiliate management spaces.Experience with ElasticSearch.Experience with Google Play Store / iTunes Connect release processes.Experience with Browser extensions and Google Chrome Store.Experience with Kubernetes or Containers.CompensationCompetitive salary commensurate to experience and qualifications.Flexible time off.Work fully remote.