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Posted about 1 year ago

Invoca offers an unusually valuable engineering experience. You will be part of a team of world-class Operations Engineers deploying code to our production SaaS platform and public cloud infrastructure multiple times per day. Our remote-first team is committed to upholding high standards via modern methodologies of agile software deployment, test-driven development, and DevOps.What you will do: Work on solutions for challenging problems, including: highly available architecture, large scale data warehouses, scalable and reliable VoIP telephonyExhibit an exceptional diligence to automate processes.Practice sustainable incident response and blameless postmortems.Participate in peer code reviews, design reviews, production on-call rotation, standups, retrospectives, mentoring 1-on-1s, root cause analyses, and more.Focus on the whole production stack; building, maintaining, and monitoring systems that a wide range of internal and external customers are using.What we are looking for:A systematic problem-solving approach, coupled with strong communication skills and a sense of ownership and drive.Extensive experience within a production environment implementing, troubleshooting, and supporting Linux operating systems, Internet-based applications, and web serversAdvanced knowledge of Docker, Kubernetes, and the challenges/benefits associated with containerization.Hands-on experience with Configuration Management (e.g. Chef, Ansible, Puppet) and/or Infrastructure as Code (e.g. Terraform, CloudFormation).A desire to create and write elegant, scalable, and maintainable tools and solutions.