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Posted 22 days ago

\nSENIOR SOFTARE ENGINEER (GOLANG, PLATFORM)\n\nABOUT THE COMPANY\n\nTL;DR We are a prop-tech scale-up with fin-tech engine at our core\nEnabling property owners to get closer to their tenants from both communication and services (commercial) standpoints.\n\n\nTHE ROLE\n\nAs one of our first platform (back-end) engineers, you will have the opportunity to establish a foundation for the future of software engineering in AVY.\n\nCentral part of our platform will be payment processing engine utilizing PSD2.0 Open Banking APIs and at the same time interfacing various 3rd party payment processors.\n\nWe are looking for experienced open-minded Golang engineer who is passionate about clean and tested code being deployed through Continuous Delivery process.\n\nRest of the platform is based on microservice event-driven architecture. Front-end clients are based on React.\n\nInfrastructure is being built on Kubernetes running on GCP.\n\nEXPECTATIONS\n\n\n* Design and implement payment processing APIs working towards Open Banking (PSD2.0)\n\n* Engineer and implement highly scalable microservice architecture\n\n* Lead the team by example in the development of backend-services for AVY platform\n\n* Develop secure, robust and scalable APIs which would be consumed by various clients (front-end, mobile, partner integrations)\n\n* Make sure that written code is covered by tests with defined acceptance levels\n\n* Work closely with Product Owner in roadmap creation process\n\n* Open to work in high paced, stable and agile start-up environment\n\n\n\n\nREQUIRED EXPERIENCE\n\n\n* 3+ years working with Golang\n\n* experienced in several programming and scripting languages\n\n* Experience with unit and integration testing paradigms\n\n* Experience writing code for transactional high-intensity, real-time applications\n\n* Deep understanding of system architecture design, algorithms and data structures\n\n* Event-driven architecture\n\n* Relational databases\n\n* Experience with containerization technologies\n\n* Experience with Messaging queues\n\n* Experience in working with cloud services (AWS or Google Cloud Platform)\n\n* Structured analytical mindset with strong communication skills\n\n\n\n\nTHE TEAM\n\nWhile we do have office in central Stockholm, we are distributed team from our start working in a +-4 hours timezones since 2018.\n\nToday, we have a mix of on-site/remote engineers, however, recently, we have transformed ourselves to a 100% remote company.\n\nWe are very much interested in each of our team members as individuals and professionals and are trying to do fun stuff which are useful for our business but at the same time, we all want to learn new things and share knowledge - that is at the heart of our engineering team at Avy.yagJzhkdapAsCMnUw7CpJAMi