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Posted about 1 month ago

\nAbout the role,\n\nAs a senior engineer, you will be working to solve complex problems in the services that empower the rest of the company to run. \n\nLana strives for a modular working environment where each module determines its own development pipeline, according to the general direction of the company and requirements of the customers.\n\nOur current backend tech stack for this project consists of:\n\n\n* Go\n\n* Docker + Kubernetes\n\n* CouchDB\n\n* CockroachDB\n\n\n\n\nWe are looking for someone with previous experience working with Go (desirable), however, if not we are still happy to consider your application. We believe that even if you have worked in Java or C# all your life you can still pick up Go pretty quickly. For us, it is more important to have someone who is adaptable and can pick up languages quickly.\n\nSecurity is a major concern for this project, so decisions on how best to isolate, restrict, and monitor access to services and solutions will be a big challenge. \n\n\n\nAbout you;\n\nWe’re searching for engineers with a solid understanding of how to deal with building secure, reliable, and scalable solutions. Your objective will be to build upon the existing core services to ensure that the other areas of the company can also develop solutions in their problem domains.\n\nThis is a hands-on role in a new project within the group, so it's a great opportunity to make your mark from the very beginning. Your decisions will affect how the company moves in the future.\n\n\n* Strong educational background, e.g Degree in Computer Science, Physics, Engineering, Mathematics, or equivalent\n\n* Unix/Linux systems knowledge\n\n* A background in security and a deep understanding of the potential risks.\n\n* Fintech, Payments, and PCI experience very highly valued.\n\n* Real-time distributed systems deployment.\n\n* A preference for simple system architectures and micro-services, including experience in technologies like Docker.\n\n* Advanced networking knowledge.\n\n* Comfortable with complex git/Github/Gitlab workflows (submodules, branches, forks, pull requests, merging, rebasing)\n\n\n\n\nAlso you, \n\n\n* Entrepreneurial spirit\n\n* Previous experience in distributed teams\n\n* Ability to communicate with the team in English (written and spoken) \n\n* Ability to work autonomously in an unstructured environment.\n\n* Passion for writing simple, clean, and efficient code and/or solutions.\n\n\n

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