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Posted over 1 year ago

What you want to do:Develop products and services for advanced data science and machine learning.Work on all layers: database, REST API, user interface, and deployment.Collaborate with a team which values modular, clean code.Deploy on AWS with Docker.The skills and experience that you want to use:Advanced knowledge of Python.Advanced knowledge of JavaScript, ideally with experience in React and/or Angular.Experience designing RESTful APIs which have multiple clients: web UIs, mobile, and webhooks.Strong software engineering principles, architecture skills, programming ability, and algorithmic skills.Knowledge of shell and systems administration basics, with experience deploying systems on AWS.Ability (and enthusiasm!) to pick up new technologies.Bonus: Experience with Docker (RancherOS), Ansible, AWS Lambda, PostgreSQL, Redis, Cassandra, Spark.Perks:Work from anywhere in the US! Rho AI is a tight-knit, fully distributed team. As part of the Rho AI team, you will make decisions that impact the whole company.Motivated and engaged co-workers.  We work together and learn from one another. Benefits, including health insurance and 401k.How to get an interview:ResumeCover LetterCode sample, with portfolio or references to production workIllustrate that you are interested in what we doDemonstrate that you are ready for remote workLet us know where you learned about us