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Posted 2 months ago

\nWe are looking for a Senior Software Engineer (Infrastructure) to lead the architecture and implementation of large infrastructure projects with an enormous impact on BioRender users and internal teams.  An ideal candidate has built and maintained a real-time collaborative system at scale.\n\nOur ideal fit\n\n\n* Has built or maintained a large real-time collaborative system\n\n* Sets a high standard on code quality, tests, and code review\n\n* Excellent technical communication skills \n\n* Ability to explain complex solutions clearly to others\n\n* Growth mindset, excited to learn new libraries / technologies (but practical about adopting them for production)\n\n* Creative problem solver\n\n\n\n\nWithin your first three months, you'll:\n\n\n* Improve application infrastructure for 10x application usage and user growth; improve monitoring dashboards to track availability and performance\n\n* Audit existing infrastructure for cost-saving opportunities\n\n* Improve team standards and processes around infrastructure security, monitoring, alerting, and deployment\n\n* Improve alerting and team processes around server issues and downtime\n\n* Set up a reliable AWS infrastructure for internal analytics, including CD/CI pipeline, zero-downtime deployment, and AWS configurations\n\n* Set up a repeatable process and infrastructure for load testing\n\n* Earn trust from the team by being a go-to person for questions and advice on infrastructure and architecture decisions\n\n* Become a BioRender champion. You'll understand who our users are, what their needs are, our business objectives, and how all the different company functions contribute to the company’s mission. You'll be able to clearly communicate how your role contributes to the company’s mission and how every project and initiative benefits users\n\n\n\n\nWhat you bring to the table\n\n\n* You are proficient in AWS (EC2, ALB, S3, Lambda, API Gateway, Redis, SQS) \n\n* You have scaled large infrastructure systems that: Had demanding security requirements, made extensive use of several AWS services, demanded fast scaling for exponential growth, handled downtime, monitoring, alerting, and testing\n\n* You have a demonstrated ability to creatively solve complex architectural problems, and think about tradeoffs in systems design, performance, and cost\n\n* You have excellent technical communication skills (code documentation, architectural documents, and presentation)\n\n* You have strong experience (5+ years full time, with at least 1 year as a Senior) in software development\n\n\n

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