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Posted 19 days ago

\nDo you constantly look for ways you and your team could be doing your jobs in a smarter way? Are you interested in working on a product that helps companies understand their employees’ needs? We are looking for a hardworking Senior Software Engineer who is passionate about customers and excited to build scalable and reliable systems.\n\nOur product, Perception, offers a modern way for collecting and understanding employee engagement through surveys, helping businesses enhance their employees’ work experience and improve their performance. We help organizations uncover not only what employees are saying, but also how they truly feel about the workplace and leadership.\n\nWe believe in:\n\n\n* People over process. We believe that processes should make it easier for us to deliver quality products faster together. We strive to understand why processes are in place, and work to change them if they just don't work.\n\n* Ideas over titles. We treat everyone's voice on the team equally regardless of title or seniority. We want everyone to feel comfortable contributing ideas, because we build better products when we consider multiple perspectives.\n\n* Everyone owns all areas of the software development and delivery life-cycle. We don't like to work in silos. We believe that every person on the team is responsible for the quality, security, delivery and stability of our product.\n\n\n\n\nPrimary Duties and Responsibilities:\n\n\n* Lead the development of new features and implementations of new technologies and frameworks.\n\n* Present and explain technical concepts to a wide-variety of internal employees and end-users.\n\n* Mentor other software engineers on the team, helping them grow their technical and non-technical knowledge.\n\n* Foster a culture of delivering quality software in a timely manner, and continuously improve the development process.\n\n* Promote innovation and keep team up-to-date on the latest and greatest industry trends.\n\n\n\n\nRequired Qualifications:\n\n\n* Proactive teammate with excellent verbal and written communication skills in a multi-functional environment.\n\n* Ability to mentor and teach other team members.\n\n* Professional experience with Python software development and architecture is preferred.\n\n* Comfortable working with SQL and NoSQL databases such as MongoDB or Elasticsearch.\n\n* Experience working with Javascript, CSS3 and modern front-end framework (Angular, React).\n\n* Contribute to and support multiple products that go to production.\n\n* Debug and solve customer issues.\n\n* Write and implement automated unit, system, and integration tests.\n\n\n\n\nOur Tech Stack:\n\n\n* Frontend: Javascript, Angular\n\n* Backend: Flask, Python, RabbitMQ\n\n* Datastores: MongoDB, Elasticsearch, MySQL, Redis, OpenStack Swift, Google Cloud Storage, Amazon AWS\n\n* Version Control: Github, BitBucket\n\n* CI: Concourse, Jenkins, TeamCity\n\n* Configuration Management and Orchestration: Puppet, Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker, Vagrant\n\n\n\n\nExperience, Education, Certification, License and Training:\n\n\n* Undergraduate degree in Computer Science/Engineering or equivalent work experience\n\n\n\n\nCheck out how we give our employees the chance to work on whatever project they want for 48 hours!  \n\nTypical Interview Process:\n\n\n* If your application is selected, a Talent Acquisition Team Member will reach out to schedule a phone screen with them.\n\n* If selected to move forward, you will complete a HackerRank Coding Assessment.\n\n* If you pass, you will either move forward to a technical phone call for an additional screening, OR directly to an onsite interview.\n\n* Offer stage.\n\n\nyagJzhkdapAsCMnUw7CpJAMi