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Posted over 1 year ago

At Maxwell, we are inspired by the opportunity to make a difference in society by helping people make better health, wellness, and financial decisions. We build applications that support a rich set of interactions among consumers, employers, brokers, and product vendors. We view ourselves as the stewards of change for a very complex industry. As part of Sun Life Financial, we are proud to be one of the Boston Globe’s Top Places to Work 2018.

We're looking for a Senior Software Engineer that brings an interdisciplinary background to help us solve hard problems.

# Responsibilities
As a Senior Software Engineer, you will:

Create and maintain multiple software services deployed daily.
Play an integral part in and lead software design and architecture discussions.
Follow best practices around Scrum and Kanban agile software methodologies.
Understand and model a complex industry using techniques such as Domain-Driven Design.
Pair program with team members.
Encourage and model good development practices through PR reviews and mentoring other engineers.
Achieve operational excellence using metrics, monitoring, and alerting.
Continuously integrate and deploy new software using a CI/CD pipeline.

Maxwell's products are supported by an exciting mix of modern technologies: Our back end stack is made up of services written in JavaScript (TypeScript), Go, Scala, and PHP that communicate with each other using gRPC and REST. We store our product data in MySQL, MongoDB, and Redis databases. Front end applications are written in JavaScript and make heavy use of React, Redux, and Styled Components. Services are deployed to a Kubernetes cluster using a CI/CD pipeline and are hosted on AWS.

# Requirements
At least 5 years experience in front end development using JavaScript (Node.js), Go, Scala, or PHP building complex web applications.
Ability to architect and diagram complex software systems.
Experience with and appreciation for developing web based business applications with complex data structures and workflows.
Strong communication skills and great product sense.
Expertise with software development processes such as test-driven development and continuous delivery.
Bachelor’s degree.
Do you not meet all of these requirements? You can still apply and tell us why you still fit.

We welcome all talented engineers, and are committed to a culture that represents diversity in all its forms. If you think you might thrive in this setting, we would love to hear from you.