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Posted 9 months ago

Looking for 100% remote Senior Back end Developers with an interest and experience in DevOps related tooling.

Eficode is a 300+ people strong company with expertise in DevOps, Software Development and Design. We have offices in 6 countries around the world - you can read more about Eficode here:

In 2016 Eficode's DevOps consulting business spawned a new business unit known as Eficode ROOT. Eficode ROOT is a turn-key DevOps platform service which is running its own R&D unit. As a part of the ROOT R&D team you get to explore the latest and greatest DevOps tooling, develop integrations and additional tools & functionality on top of the toolchain. You can read more about Eficode ROOT here:

Our catalogue consists of for example a platform wide user management solution as well as a data extraction + visualization framework to generate metrics from the CI/CD pipeline and other related tools.

Our team currently consists multinational and multilingual people, some of which are working 100% remotely. We are based in Finland, but our main working language is english.

Keywords: Java, Python, SQL (mainly Postgres), InfluxDB, Grafana, Docker, Git, Automation

Secondary keywords: Linux, CI/CD, Jenkins, Binary Storage, Metrics, Software Quality, Data extraction, User Management, Analytics, Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket

What are we looking for in a developer?

If you are passionate about software development, tooling and technology and not afraid of leaving your comfort zone by learning new languages, tools and technologies, you just might be a good fit. Additionally if you enjoy puns, gaming and dark humor, you're most likely an excellent fit. Minimum of 5+ years of development experience required, the more the better. Don’t feel discouraged if the above list is not a perfect match for you, your potential as a developer is what counts the most.

Interested? Feel free to contact me at