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Posted 11 months ago

We are seeking a seasoned software engineer with at least 5 years of work experience to create high-quality screencast tutorials on any of the following topics:
  • JavaScript (deep understanding of vanilla ES5/ES6 etc. as well as React, Vue, and other frameworks)
  • Machine Learning (C++, Python, linear algebra, TensorFlow)

In addition to 5+ years of work experience, you should have a deep passion for teaching and passing along your wisdom. This is an opportunity to impact the next generation of programmers as your lessons will directly reach many thousands of students. 

  • You should have experience with screencasts/tutorials and teaching in general.
  • You MUST be smart enough to explain complex concepts in clear, simple language, and anticipate what a beginner is thinking at any given time, without overwhelming them.
  • Ideally, you are a fan of Richard Feynman and appreciate his teaching style. 
  • You should also have a background in computer science, understanding computers down to the electrons and transistors, and have completed books like SICP/Algorithms, etc.

This is an opportunity to earn extra income for explaining/talking about things you love and already know very well. We pay competitively: $1,000/per hour of usable content. Instructors typically use Screenflow or similar screencast software to record their screen/voice. If your lessons are great quality, you will be offered an ongoing arrangement so that you can earn a monthly income consistently.

To be considered for the position:
If you're interested, have read the description above, and have the right skills, please submit a minimum 5 minute screencast (you can upload it to YouTube/Dropbox/etc.) teaching any topic you desire in the domain of either JavaScript or Machine Learning. You must use a simple, engaging, beginner-friendly approach, no matter how complex the topic. Please also include your resume and a note about why you deserve this position.