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Posted 8 months ago

\nInterview Process\n\nPlease include a cover letter with your application.\n\nOur interview process starts with a 20-30 minute call to tell you more about the job, company and get an idea of how you might best help us. If we both feel this might be a good fit, we will schedule a 2-hour interview to discuss your technical expertise in the required areas. After the interview, we will make a decision and typically extend an offer within 48 hours if we're all in agreement this is the right job for you.\n\nSenior Software Engineer – Kafka Streams\n\nResponsibilities:\n\n\n* Build great software in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.\n\n* Design, architect, and build Kafka Streams based applications in Spring and Protobuf3.\n\n* Build high performance distributed systems solving the challenges associated with large scale distributed systems.\n\n* Design, build and operate production deployments with a variety of persistence stores.\n\n\n\n\nRequirements:\n\n\n* Familiarity with the inner workings of Kafka.\n\n* Solid working experience of stream processing systems.\n\n* Understand distributed messaging queueing systems.\n\n* Deep expertise in Spring/Java AOP.\n\n* Comfortable working in an agile workflow.\n\n* Willing to operate and participate in on-call rotation for the services you build.\n\n\n\n\nQualifications:\n\n\n* 1+ years working in Spring.\n\n* 1+ years working with Protobuf.\n\n* 3+ years working in Java.\n\n* 3+ years working in Kafka, preferable managing your own infrastructure.\n\n* 3+ years working in distributed systems/microservices.\n\n* 5+ years developing software in a professional environment.\n\n* Masters or Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, or 10+ years developing software in a professional environment.\n\n\n