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Posted 4 months ago

Remote details:

  • Preferred Timezone (GMT+01:00) Berlin +/- 2 hours

  • Office Location: Berlin, Germany. Employees can also work full time from this office

  • Technologies: SQL, Elixier, F#, Rust, Javascript

We are looking for a particular kind of person. This job ad might not be for you. May you find a job you are happy in either way!

You like to work independently, you are pragmatic, and you have the confidence to take on hard problems lacking a detailed spec. You value simple solutions over over-engineered ones. Chances are things will change down the line and changing something simple, or better yet something that was never made, is much easier than changing a monstrosity. You should not need or want anyone breathing down your neck to be productive.

With the formalities out of the way, let me introduce myself: my name is Sebastian, and I am the CTO at Aircloak. Aircloak is a remote company that has built a privacy preserving data processing and analytics engine. Think of it as an SQL database proxy that generates actually anonymized results on the fly.

There are countless challenging things to do in this job. They range from parsing SQL, to doing extensive query rewriting and optimization, to ensuring that all results produced are safe and fully anonymous irrespective of the level of deviousness on the part of the analyst using the system.

The skills we are looking for in a candidate are:

  • Intelligence and ability to deal with hard trade-offs

  • Great communication skills

  • The ability to work independently and take ownership of tasks

  • A desire to learn and improve

The majority of our system is written in Elixir, but we have parts written in Rust and JavaScript as well. You’ll even find some opportunities to write F# if you want that. Knowledge of functional programming is a plus and experience with web development is not going to hurt either.

We do not specifically look for someone with experience in our particular stack. It is our experience that people who are smart tend to pick up the required tools very quickly. Likewise it is less interesting to us what your background is. At the end of the day it’s your skills, brains, and experience that matter.

Our team is exceptional and quite geographically diverse. The company was built as a remote-first company from the beginning, and we really enjoy the benefits this gives us.

We look forward to getting to know you and welcoming you to our team! Please send your application to [email protected]