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Posted almost 2 years ago

Who Are We:Tatchup is of the belief that the world needs less news that drives fear and more news that drives people to do their best.Tatchup is an early stage company working on news for business. You might be asking yourself, "aren't there a ton of news products out there?" And the answer would be yes, but none that are necessarily good enough. If you searched for "3d printing" on Google, for example, you might get news like "Code Wilson (3D printed gun inventor) Arrested For Sexual Assault". Which is sensational for consumers but not useful for businesses. Tatchup is solving this by offering unparalleled levels of customization. A supply chain manager will be concerned with different issues in 3d printing than say, a marketer.What this means from an engineering standpoint is that there are incredibly interesting and hard problems spanning from NLP/ML to growth engineering to webdev.Who You Are:You're an ambitious engineer who's deeply interested in consumer product behavior, interested in startups and a hunger for personal growth. Whether you're experienced or inexperienced, we're mostly concerned with people who are smart, hard working, innovative and interested in having high impact. You'd have a near complete blank canvas to define engineering infrastructure, scalable NLP, and the like. Because we're an early stage startup, we're of the opinion that there's no set of experiences that would adequately prepare our ideal candidate for all the elements of the business he/she will encounter. From user acquisition funnels to frontend infrastructure, the scope of your responsibilities can be wide or as narrow as the business evolves. Finally, as you will be an early employee, we're looking for the potential for a future leader.Required:Extreme ownership, ability to take something from start to finish regardless of what it isIntegrityGritHTML/CSS/JSOne of Ruby on Rails or PythonNice to have:NLPMLFormer founderWhat we have to offer:The opportunity to fundamentally define everything in a company