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Posted about 1 year ago

We are looking for a Senior Unity Engineer to work on a beloved game that has existed for a few years but needs a passionate team to help take it over and give it some new life.

DECA acquires older games that have loyal audiences that we believe that can last another decade. We brings our unique player focused approach to operations to help bring back disenfranchised players and retain the players that love the game very much.

DECA has created a flexible work environment with people able to work from multiple locations and flex their hours to meet their personal obligations. We believe in flat organizations, small trusted and empowered teams, and long term thinking.


  • 5+ years working experience

  • Unity3D + C# exp. with at least one shipped game on iOS or Android.

  • Mobile Unity development experience, acutely aware of computational and memory restrictions in mobile environment

  • Web/PHP experience or a willingness to work on the fullstack of games from client to tools on the server.

  • Leadership experience or aspirations to lead a team

  • Experience developing UI in Unity, experience with NGUI (nice to have)

  • Must be proficient and willing to debug and understand other people’s code

  • Must have a service mindset

  • Experience working on live game with regular content releases