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Posted almost 2 years ago

Senior Web Developer – Contract Remote – US HashiCorp is at the epicenter of the cloud adoption wave, helping shape how the world’s largest enterprises are running their IT infrastructure. To help our customers adopt our products quickly and help fuel our company growth to support them, we’re looking for an experienced web developer to work on the digital marketing team to shape HashiCorp’s 9+ web properties into examples of premier web development and user experience. The ideal candidate will be a seasoned full-stack web developer who cares deeply about excellent design, architecture, and performance, and is extremely comfortable with javascript at an advanced level. This is a full-time remote position and will report to the engineering lead of digital marketing. What we’re looking for: Thorough experience with node.js and express, familiarity with HTTP and how web servers work Fluency with HTML, CSS, and client-side javascript Fluency with modern javascript standards – all our code is es6 and we are aggressive about adopting new features and standards A good understanding of javascript bundling and performance (we use webpack) Significant experience with react and/or preact Understanding and experience with both unit and integration testing Ability to take on a project and complete it independently with minimal oversight Comfort interacting with and presenting for senior staff and managers Complete comfort reading others’ code and learning new things. There will be a lot of new things to learn here regardless of your experience At least a decent understanding of database design and both relational and nosql data modeling The ability to write clear and concise readmes and documentation, and to thoroughly explain your work both to other developers inside and outside marketing as well as non-technical staff One of the big draws of this job that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere is that this team is something of a hybrid between a digital agency and a product company. We have a lot of projects going on at any given time, and are frequently booting up new, greenfield projects. At the same time, we have plenty of important pieces of infrastructure to maintain, refactor, improve, and keep running smoothly. On top of that, we have such a wide variety of work available between frontend, backend, testing, visual programming, and data engineering, that your manager will be asking what type of work you enjoy doing and moving you into that area, rather than simply assigning you something and being done with it. Here’s a little background on the types of work our team does: HashiCorp has 6 products and runs several global event sites in addition to the primary corporate site. This means we have nine websites to maintain overall. All of them are consistently being tested and updated. Part of your job will be working on these sites to make them the best they can be. We use an innovative meld of dynamic and static methods to serve the websites, as well as a preact-based global component library to keep styling and code standards consistent across them all. We also run several backend services to keep these sites up and running, from small apps connected with databases to larger login systems and ETL-type provider integrations with user interaction. If working with node on the backend is more your thing, we have a lot there as well. Because building quality, reliable services is important to us, all our services have integration tests and excellent test coverage. We run a lot of tests across the entire range of what is possible to test with several web applications. From unit to integration tests, and from selenuim-like cypress tests to visual diff generation, our team really cares about having great test coverage across all our projects. We have have plenty of error monitoring and dependency checking and updating services running at all times. Want to let your creative side free? We also frequently work on interactive graphics and animations to include a little extra sparkle on our pages, and to help demonstrate to users how HashiCorp’s deeply technical solutions actually work. We have animation work and close collaboration with designers available at all times. Do you like building client-side apps? We lean heavily on (p)react components both for consistency across our many web properties, as well as to build out interactive forms and small apps where needed. We’re pretty deep into advanced react patterns, so there’s plenty of great react development opportunities. If data processing and engineering is a focus, we do lots of work moving data between a large array of different third-party services via api, and working on collecting and organizing data coming in from the many services that people use to interact with HashiCorp, as well as database engineering for this same data to ensure that we are able to utilize it to make informed decisions about how to best serve our users and customers. If software architecture gets you excited, we have plenty of that. This department is still very new, and we often get to work on greenfield projects, where one project lead can architect a new app, website, or service (or all three) from the ground up. And of course, there is also plenty of opportunity to work on large, complex projects that already exist. Whether it’s adding new features, refactoring, or working on testing, there is plenty of opportunity to take ownership over important pieces of how the company runs. Best of all, if you enjoy growing your skills by working on a large variety of different interesting tasks, you can absolutely do that here. We won’t have you working only on a gigantic react app; we’ve got many, many different types of work and you get a say in what is compelling for you.