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Posted about 1 year ago

Our Engineers help some of the world’s most prominent organizations use WordPress at scale. As developers, we bring our experience with WordPress and the web to bear on a variety of technical challenges faced by our clients. We help our clients build their code in ways that result in sustainable and resilient applications built on WordPress. We function as a part of a multidisciplinary team of platform, project and account experts who share a common goal: to help clients meet and exceed their goals by taking WordPress to places it has never gone before!

In particular we:
  • Assist large organizations with the ongoing support of new features and functionality
  • Understand the organization’s needs at a deep level, and be able to recommend best practices and workflows as well as tools and plugins
  • Assess client code and integrations with a focus on security and scalability
  • Debug complex problems and anticipate potential future needs and challenges
  • Help to shape our product vision and direction by functioning as the internal technical voice of our clients
  • Constantly learn and upgrade our own technical skills to keep abreast of an evolving WordPress and an ever-changing web
We are first and foremost engineers, though our backgrounds and experiences in life and career vary. We typically have a deep background in either WordPress development itself (some of us are long time developers/contributors, experienced themers and plugin developers) and/or the web (others of us are devs with backgrounds in media or general technology.) All of us have a deep interest in code, learning and a commitment to open source, WordPress and the future of the open web.

We are also passionate advocates for our customers. We are unafraid of ambiguous or challenging situations involving code, humans or both. We understand the wider and human contexts of technical decisions. We are able to communicate effectively across cultures and organizations, sometimes in difficult situations. We are most engaged when solving truly interesting problems collaboratively. We care about our customers, and share a commitment to helping them achieve their goals!