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Posted 5 months ago

Who we are

PrizePool's mission is to incentivize Americans to build a better financial foundation. More than half of Americans do not have the savings to cover an emergency expense of $1000, living paycheck to paycheck with no reserve for ‘what if.' However, a majority of Americans spend cash on the lottery every week in the hope of a big win. People in the United States spent more than $91 billion on lottery tickets in 2019. PrizePool gives customers a new, fun place to save — one where their money is their chance to win real cash prizes guaranteed to total $50,000 every month. Based on a model of prize-linked savings, PrizePool feeds the desire that people have ‘to play and win' but does so as they save, at no cost or risk to customers. Come join us as we innovate on how to help Americans build a more solid financial foundation.

What we're looking for

Someone excited to work in a high growth opportunity with a seasoned team (ex-Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google, Airbnb). You enjoy working in a tight feedback loop with product and client engineers to build software. You stay informed on industry best practices for server development. You seek feedback to continuously improve PrizePool. Ultimately, you will own a significant chunk of the server stack and lead others toward your vision.

  • Design, build, and maintain PrizePool's backend services in Python
  • Collaborate closely with product and other engineers to ship new features
  • Produce high quality services with a focus on reliability, performance, and scale
  • You have a strong technical background
  • Have shipped several production services in the past
  • You enjoy working at all levels — from networking, CI/CD, APIs and the layers in-between
  • You are organized and have excellent written and verbal communication
  • You are opinionated on best practices for server architecture
What we offer
  • Health benefits
  • Flexible time off
  • Equity