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Posted about 1 year ago


We’re looking for a dynamic, motivated US-based web developer to join our small Hudson, NY based team as a remote position.

This is a job that starts with logic, and involves creativity, problem solving, and good judgement. If you’re our developer, you’d have skills in front and backend development, debugging, QA testing and deployment. You’d be working closely with our two founders to collaborate on design and development, and a range of clients nationwide, so strong interpersonal skills are needed. Though we’re small, we’re fast paced, and the ability to work under tight deadlines and switch gears easily.

Primarily you will be building and modifying Shopify stores, working with metadata and product data, and creating integrations for accounting, fulfillment and marketing. Customizing themes and Liquid templates and building designs will be a regular activity.

Depending on experience, there may also be opportunities for building responsive WordPress websites, customizing themes and PHP templates and adapting designs to suit client needs.

As you work with us longer, you’ll be increasingly involved in fully custom, scratch built themes, API work, and Javascript development.

Expect to be client facing— you’ll need to communicate clearly and directly with clients and be able to self-manage tasks and initiatives. We’re here to support you, but having the ability to take initiative and go after opportunities as you see them is a must.

About Us

We’re a human-centric but data driven team that designs and builds Shopify and WordPress websites for a range of clients nationwide, and help businesses and organizations scale with smart digital marketing. Many of our clients are the designers and producers of the products they sell, or have unique business process challenges to solve. Specializing in e-commerce, we often work with folks in specialty food, jewelry, fashion and home goods. We enjoy finding ways to solve complex problems through design and digital strategy. Our philosophy is to build elastic, scalable and sustainable websites that can continue to serve our clients’ needs over time as they grow. We have ambitious goals for ourselves and our clients, so we're looking to grow our team to increase our capabilities and boost client results.

These things will be in your wheelhouse:

  • Scratch theme development as well as theme and feature mods
  • Working with custom fields, metafields, etc and working with outside of the box solutions
  • QA browser and live device testing
  • An understanding of ADA + WCAG guidelines for web development
  • A working knowledge of SEO best practices
  • Taking on, understanding and reverse engineering different codebases and rescue projects
  • Able to project manage your own tasks to move them forward on smaller projects, and work with a larger team on larger projects
  • Effectively communicating information and ideas in written and verbal format, and building and maintaining relationships internally and externally

You are:

  • A self-starter; ability to take responsibility and initiate projects with the ability to self manage
  • Able to project manage your own tasks to move them forward on smaller projects, and work with a larger team on larger projects
  • Someone who excels at problem solving, puzzling; finding clever ways to find solutions to interesting problems
  • Excellent at logic and analyzing
  • Clear communicator in both writing and conversation
  • A curious person and lifelong learner
  • You pay attention to – and care about – the details
  • A minimalist when it comes to code -- readable code that solves a problem elegantly is your goal
  • Reliable – our clients depend on us, and we’ll need to depend on you too
  • Excited to work for a small business where you can make your mark
  • Forward thinking about design, bringing strategy to the table not just executing instructions

Skills + Experience:

  • 3+ years of Shopify development
  • Javascript + jQuery for front-end and e-commerce
  • AJAX for Shopify (shopping cart functions, 3rd party integrations)
  • Liquid
  • API work with e-commerce adjacent services like 3PLs, email marketing platforms, CRMs, etc
  • Ruby, PHP, WordPress theme development experience nice to haves
  • GitHub
  • Sketch

If we decide to move further in conversation, we will ask for professional references. We may not have the opportunity to respond to every application, but we’ll let you know it was received, and when the position is filled. We anticipate working with you on an introductory contract job before offering the permanent position.

Every application should include a cover letter with a list or portfolio of 4-6 sites you’ve worked on recently with your role and a description of each project.

Thank you.


  • We will send you to two US conferences a year
  • Bi-annual team meet-ups
  • 1 week paid vacation after 6 months tenure
  • 2 weeks paid vacation after 1 year tenure
  • Ability to work from anywhere in the US
  • New MacBook Pro and external monitor